If I am accused of being too wordy, I will admit my guilt. But sometimes “a picture paints a thousand words”. When I recommend “earth colors” to my clients, they often get a completely different idea, even if I rattle off “shades of yellow, orange and brown.” In a nutshell, here are some visuals of the earth’s colors according to feng shui. For brown: think earthy, wheat, beige, taupe, milk chocolate, coffee, caramel, dark chocolate, fudge.

For yellow: Think butter, bananas, lines in the road you shouldn’t cross, or lines that you’ll run into oncoming traffic.

For oranges: Think fruits such as oranges, papaya, apricots, peaches, and cantaloupe.

Do not confuse with FIRE. When the orange becomes saturated, more like a brick red or a hot hue, he may be venturing into the FIRE element instead.

Not to be confused with metallic colors. Once the brown tones are like gray putty, you’re ready to venture into the metallic elements.

When we need a true earth element, we reach for things made of clay, brick, stone, terracotta, pottery, shells, or natural quartz. There is extensive yellow, orange, or brown variation in colors, bedspreads, carpets, and large surface areas.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company name: Feng Shui Solutions (R)

From the Feng Shui Theory blog series