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Cleaning the Shower Curtain

by Contributing Author

I consider myself to be good at cleaning, but it can take me a while to clean certain things. There is none. does this really bother me? No. There are worse things in life than having a little bit of pink on your shower curtain (like cockroaches in your kitchen, vitiligo). So I only do this task every month or so. This is not the current state of my shower curtain,

mildew on shower curtain

Well, maybe a lot of pink.

Step 1: Get your favorite homemade cleaner. I used a mixture of vinegar, warm water, and dish soap.
Vinegar kills mold and removes hard water stains, and soap helps get rid of soap scum.

how to clean mold
It’s true, that’s when I say In combat Cleaning bathroom build-up.

Step 2: Spray and let the cleaner work its magic.
I work from top to bottom, so the solution will drip to pre-soak the next section.

mold removal in bathroom
Sorry for the weird lighting, but it really shows how much build-up there was.

Step 3: Wipe off. I held the shower curtain against the tub and then grabbed the bottom seam with both hands.

cleaning the shower curtain
Much better.

Step 4: Admire a clean shower curtain.

Goodbye pink mold spots, I won’t miss you.

What are your tips for removing and keeping mold away?


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