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Citrus Infused Vinegar

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I’m excited. I love all-purpose vinegar cleaners, but sometimes It burns my nose. I love how it cuts through messes so easily (like last night when I spilled fresh berry juice all over) and leaves my table nice and shiny. remain for a while. I like pickles, but not all the time.I’m so excited to finally be able to make my own little bottles citrus vinegarGone are the pickles and a little more orange. And, as you know, citrus vinegar is very easy to make.

Step 1: Eat an orange or squeeze a lemon for lemonade and save the peel.

Step 2: Fill the jar with as much citrus peel as possible.

Step 3: Fill the jar with vinegar to the top and close the lid.

Step 4: Wait 2-3 weeks.

vinegar household tips and tricks
*UPDATE* This is what it looked like when it was finished a few weeks later.

You can use lemon or other types of citrus to infuse the vinegar. You will get about 3/4 cup of vinegar.For a quart-sized jar, you will probably need 4 to 6 oranges or lemons.

Waiting for the orange vinegar to “orange”. It’s a word, I made it up.With the remaining orange shavings, make the citrusy soft scrub you originally saw here.

I’m so excited I don’t have to smell pickles anymore when cleaning. I’ll write an update when the orange vinegar is ready.

*Updated April 5, 2013* I have been using the new and improved cleaner and I love it. I sprayed it on the floor and then it glowed. As for food splatters, I would say anything that splattered because it lifts up easily with this cleaner. , it was a little weird so I added vinegar and now it doesn’t smell anything.

happy cleaning.


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