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Christmas Dining Room with Amber

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Take a tour of the Christmas Dining Room for plenty of Christmas decoration inspiration. Easy Christmas decorating tips to add that magical touch to your home.

christmas home tour

Welcome to the next room of the Christmas Home Tour! We’ve shown you the Christmas kitchen and the Christmas living room, but today we’ll show you the Christmas decorations for the festive dining room.

Christmas tree decorated with green ribbons and metal ornaments.

A big thank you to Marty walk of life Thank you for organizing this wonderful Christmas home tour! This week, 26 bloggers will reveal their homes and share all their Christmas inspiration and ideas. We have all the links at the end of the post, so be sure to check out our Christmas decorating tips.

If you are traveling from decoration to adore, Nice to meet you. Laura always organizes a very nostalgic Christmas tour of her home with many unique touches.

Black painted buffet and hutch decorated for Christmas.

Our Christmas Dining Room – Green, White and Amber

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Christmas dining room. This year we stayed with more neutral colors with amber and metallic touches. I love the atmosphere.

Christmas dining room with black furniture and Christmas lights.

Our dining room is the first room you see when you walk in the front door and is probably my favorite room to decorate for each season. Stay in the room and have at least some special holiday meals here. smile!

Handmade faux gingerbread snowflakes hanging from a Christmas sideboard tree.

Christmas dining room decor tips

If you’re looking for Christmas decorating inspiration for your own home, I thought I’d share the process I go through when decorating a space. I hope this gives you a little starting point if you’re stuck or just looking for new ideas.

Please select a color scheme.

I’m always torn between fairly natural Christmas decorations and the more traditional red and white colors. This year, I wanted to create a more restful and relaxing space, so I added a metallic touch to the green and amber base.

Black painted buffet and hutch decorated for Christmas.

Choose a theme or inspiration piece.

I also think it’s helpful to have some sort of theme or inspiration piece to base the room on.From this, you can paint colors, textures, and free decorating ideas for the space. , inspired by two real-world items. last year In our dining room – my DIY felt gingerbread man garland and this DIY amber centerpiece.

DIY gingerbread snowflake ornament.

Although I didn’t use gingerbread garlands for the space {installed in one of my kids’ rooms this year}, they inspired this little gingerbread sideboard. I think it’s really cute! It’s super easy to make and it smells like cinnamon every time you walk by it.

I found this sweet gingerbread man cutting board at Homesense and piled him up behind the Christmas house cookie jar I got at Target a few years ago.

A Christmas sideboard inspired by gingerbread.

Assemble the centerpiece.

I loved the amber glass Christmas centerpiece I made last year, so this year I added a little variation.

Amber glass and green Christmas centerpiece.

Instead of a round tray, I used a long cutting board as a base and added a few more bottles. I like.

Amber glass and green Christmas centerpiece.

Even in the daytime, the bottle shines beautifully when the sun shines in. The dried orange was a few years old and now has a deeper amber color. I used these throughout the room to tie amber and placed a few amber glasses on my drink tray.

Amber glass centerpiece for Christmas dining room.

But the best part is always the clean nightglow!

Amber glass centerpiece illuminated by Christmas lights.

Exhibition of seasonal works

Printables are one of the easiest ways to change up your holiday decorations, and you can find dozens of free Christmas printables to download online. If you want to use the prints seasonally, he puts all the prints in one frame and swaps them around as the seasons change. This year I have created some new Christmas tree prints for the dining room and kitchen table areas {will be sharing soon!}.

O Christmas tree hanging free xmas printable white frame.

Add tree.

There’s no better way to make a space feel more like Christmas than by adding a tree! It doesn’t have to be a full size tree. Even a small tabletop tree or a small floor tree adds Christmas magic.

Christmas tree decorated with green ribbons and metal ornaments.

For the tree, I used a lot of different metallic and white ornaments along with DIY dry ornaments I made myself.

A Christmas tree decorated with metallic and dry oranges.

Orange has a very pretty glow, so put it near a light!

Metallic Christmas tree ornaments and dry orange ornaments are illuminated by Christmas lights.

I also always like to have a little decoration under the tree.

Christmas tree decorated with green ribbons and metal ornaments.

Dinner under the lights of the Christmas tree is exceptional!

Beautiful Christmas tree with lights in Christmas dining room.

Create a drink bar

I usually have a hot chocolate bar set up in the dining room, but this year I have it on a cart in the living room.

A small drink station in the Christmas dining room.

Perfect for Christmas punches and cocktails, extra glasses are kept at the buffet beside it.

Christmas drink station.

light up!

The best part of Christmas decorations are all the lights. In addition to tree lights, you can add candles, string lights, and other Christmas lights throughout your space.

Christmas dining room with black furniture and Christmas lights.

I can’t imagine having too many Christmas lights.

A Christmas sideboard inspired by gingerbread.

For plug-in lights, I like using smart plugs so I can turn them on and off from my smartphone. Much easier than digging under a tree!

A glowing Christmas tree at the entrance to the Christmas dining room.

I try to use battery-operated lights and candles with timers, so once I set them, I forget about them. Most stay on for 5-6 hours and run on a 24 hour timer. I have my own set so it lights up every night around 4:30, just as it gets dark.

A small Christmas drink bar decorated with lights.

A small Christmas drink bar decorated with lights.

I don’t know why the lights feel so magical, but they definitely bring the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas mouse sitting under a glowing Christmas tree.

That concludes today’s home tour! If you’d like to see more of our Christmas home tours, you can find our Christmas Kitchen here…

A white kitchen decorated in green and white.

…and here is our Christmas living room…

We still have a few more spaces, so check back! Here are just a few of the bedrooms decorated for Christmas…

Bedroom dresser decorated for Christmas in green and white.

Thank you for stopping by today! We hope you found some Christmas decoration ideas that you can use at home. If you just started blogging and want to get in touch, you can always find me here…

e-mail / Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook

A Christmas sideboard inspired by gingerbread.

The Christmas Home Tour continues tomorrow. citrine livingWe know you will love Tamara’s beautiful home and elegant Christmas decorations.

Black painted buffet and hutch decorated for Christmas.

A Christmas dining room decorated in greens, amber, and metallics.

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