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Chocolate Protein Shake

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This healthy whole food chocolate protein shake will boost your child’s protein without the protein powder. Great for children who have trouble eating other high-protein foods.

Why We Love This Chocolate Protein Shake

Fly around the house or run in the backyard. In the back of your mind, you’re probably wondering, “How do I have this much energy when I eat nothing but buttered toast and bananas all day??”

Parents are constantly contacting us with concerns about their child’s protein intake.

You can increase your child’s protein intake with simple whole foods.No protein powders or supplements needed. )

This shake is creamy, chocolatey, delicious and packed with protein. One cup provides more protein than two eggs. Let’s blend…

Chocolate protein shake topped with mini chocolate chips and chia seeds

What’s in this Chocolate Protein Shake?

  • whole milk: With 8 grams of protein per cup, milk is perfect for kids who can tolerate dairy. If your child has a dairy allergy, you can use soy milk, which also contains 8 grams of protein. Please note that it is not
  • Silken tofu: This type of tofu is soft and creamy and completely disappears in smoothies. 1/2 cup of silken tofu provides 4 grams of protein.
  • Chia seeds: With 2 grams of protein per tablespoon, chia seeds are the perfect addition. These powerful little seeds not only add protein, but also fiber and omega-3 fats, enhancing the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Spread: Chocolate Hazelnut Spread tastes great in this shake and adds 2 grams of plant-based protein. You can also add peanut butter or sunflower seed butter if you like. You can get more protein from alternatives, but I found that the chocolate hazelnut spread provides the flavor kids love without the added sugar.
  • Oats: Oats help thicken smoothies and are a great source of fiber and nutrients, including 5 grams of protein!
chocolate protein shake in a jar

Why Whole Food Proteins Are Best for Kids

You want your kids to get enough protein, but you may be hesitant to introduce processed protein powders into your child’s diet. Follow that instinct!

Protein powders can actually supply your child with excessive amounts of protein. burden on the liver and kidneys.

Whole food protein sources provide a balanced mix of the nutrients your child needs and, in most cases, completely meet the recommended daily amount of protein. (If you are interested in the exact amount of protein your child should be getting based on age, size and gender, This article I can tell you. )

2 cups chocolate protein shake with banana background

How to make a chocolate protein shake:

Making this shake is as easy as making a smoothie. Just mix all the ingredients in a blender and give it a spin! My kids like it with ice, so it’s more like a ‘shake’. However, if you choose to make it without ice, you’ll find that the consistency of your shake will be more like creamy chocolate milk.

Chocolate protein shake topped with chocolate chips and chia seeds

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  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup tofu, soft
  • 1/4 cup chocolate hazelnut spread
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • ice
  • Add milk, tofu, chocolate hazelnut spread, oats and chia seeds to a powerful blender and add enough ice to achieve desired consistency. Blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

calorie: 155kcal | | carbohydrates: 16g | | protein: 7g | | obesity: 8g | | saturated fat: 3g | | cholesterol: 6mg | | sodium: 64mg | | fiber: 2.5g | | sugar: 12g

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