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Chinese And Western Astrology: 5 Differences And Similarities?

by Contributing Author

Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology: astrology practiced in China and the astrology practiced in the West as united states of america, UK, Canada When Australia Two different beasts.

Of course there are similarities. system It is based on motion of planets, five elements When Performer. however, some differences Make these systems stand out.

In this article, we’ll look at some of these differences and similarities. Chinese and Western Astrology.

Understanding Two Types of Astrology

Western Astrology – A branch of astrology based on the movements of planets and stars relative to the Earth.

that is”horoscopeA form of astrology that means predicting a person’s future by looking at the placement of the planets and stars in relation to a person’s natal chart.

on the other hand, Lunar cycles underpin Chinese astrologyOn the other hand, in Western astrology, the movements of planets and stars are earthChinese astrology sees the movement of the moon in relation to the moon earth.

This means that it is called “”.SynodA form of astrology that involves observing the interrelations of celestial bodies.

Differences between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology

Main difference chinese astrology Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology
speech about individual family relationship
I focus cycle of life predict the future
Remedy symbolic Math
the study element less element oriented

1. Western astrology focuses on the individual, while Chinese astrology focuses on relationships.

One of the main differences between Chinese astrology and Western astrology is the focus of Western astrology. individualwhile Chinese astrology is focused on relationship.

  • western astrologycan you give me an idea how taurus couple For example, it might work, but it doesn’t take into account the other people who make up your world.
  • in the meantime, chinese astrology Consider all the people in your life and how they affect you future.
  • For example, if you were born under rat sign, according to Chinese astrology, you are said to be a very resourceful person.However mouse or rat Also, you have to be careful not to be too aggressive.
  • As such, rats need to learn how to balance their own needs with those of their loved ones in order to be successful. Find a quick guide at Chinese zodiac compatibility. and the Chinese zodiac predictions for 2022.

2. Chinese astrology focuses on the cycle of life, while Western astrology focuses on predicting the future

Another big difference between chinese astrology When western astrology Chinese astrology is cycle of lifewhereas Western astrology is more focused on Predict the future.

For example, Western astrology might seek to answer questions such as how a Virgo will fare in a career as a doctor. What kind of salary can they expect? Will their marriage be long and happy? And so on and so forth.

However chinese astrology I don’t really care where I land on my career path.It’s more focused on the cycles of life like you birth, coming of age, middle age crisisand so on.

For instance, people who are born in the year of the rabbit might need to be wary when the year of the snake rolls along. However, you have a wood element in your sign, you are likely to benefit from added resilience in the face of these adversities. 

3. Western astrology is heavily based on mathematics, while Chinese astrology is based on symbolism.

Western astrology and Chinese astrology symbolismwestern astrology is more heavily based on Math.

For example, in order to calculate someone's sun sign in western astrology, you need to know their exact date, time, and place of birth. It's also important to note the location of the other planets in relation to their sun sign at the time of their birth.

However, Chinese astrology is based more heavily on symbolism. Animal signs are said to represent different personality traits that everyone has to varying degrees.

For example, people who are born in the year of the dragon are said to be very resourceful, but also aggressive at times.

Four. Elements of Western Astrology Are More Important Than Chinese Astrology.

another main difference between western astrology And Chinese astrology is based on the elements (five elements) is more important in Western astrology than in Chinese astrology.

five elements of feng shui
feng shui elements

of western astrologythe elements are said to represent different areas of life such as your health, your love lifeyour financeSuch. And each element is said to have positive and negative associations.

For example, water is said to be associated with emotions and feelings, while fire is associated with passion and energy.

but, chinese astrology, the elements are not so important. They are said to be associated with different seasons of the year, and each season is said to have different properties.

For example, winter is associated with the element of water, which is why it is often seen as a time of introspection and reflection.

Similarities Between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology

Similarity chinese astrology When Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology
Influencer Both systems are based on the idea of ​​planets and other celestial bodies.
sign People born under the same sign have many personality traits in common.
Predict Both systems contain an element of prediction.

Both systems are based on the idea that planets and other celestial bodies influence our lives.

Both Western and Chinese astrology are based on the idea that planets and other celestial bodies influence our lives.

For example, in both systems, it is believed that the position of the planets at the time of your birth can determine your personality and your future. 

Both systems use symbolism to represent different areas of life. For example, in Western astrology, the Sun is associated with self-identity and the Moon is associated with emotions.

western astrology It also uses symbolism to represent different seasons and years in a person’s life.

For instance, Cancer is said to be associated with the fourth house of a horoscope, which is why it's often seen as a turning point in life, such as heading off to college or getting married.

People born under the same sign have many common personality traits

Another similarity between Chinese and Western astrology is that people born under the same zodiac sign usually share similar personality traits.

For instance, western astrologists often believe that Virgos are organized, regimented, and diligent, just as Chinese astrologists believe that people born under the sign of the rat are cunning and friendly.

This generalized approach to personality traits differs slightly from the conventional belief that our genetics and life experiences predispose us to certain personality traits.

However, the fact that both systems have retained their relevance over time speaks to their legitimacy and importance.

Both systems contain an element of prediction

Last but not least, both Chinese and Western astrology contain an element of prophecy. Chinese astrologers believe that five elements Excluding that fourboth systems believe that your date of birth and corresponding signs have some impact on your life.

For instance, Western astrologists might believe that Tigers are likely to pursue careers that require a high amount of attention to detail, be slow yet intentional in their approach to love, and feel drawn to hobbies that involve a high degree of technical knowledge and skills.

in the meantime, chinese astrologer Individuals born under the sign of the Pig are more likely to be hard workers, believing that they are at risk of being overtly gullible.

Although the specific modes of prediction differ between the two systems, both assume that astrological signs determine the direction in which our lives are likely to go.

See also Horoscope predictions for 2022.

Compatibility of Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology

Chinese Western Astrology Compatibility
Scorpio, mouse,
Libra, Cow,
Virgo, tiger,
Capricorn, Rabbit,
Pisces, dragon,
Taurus, snake,
Aries, Horse,
Leo, sheep,
cancer, monkey,
cancer, rooster,
Sagittarius, dog,
Gemini and Pig compatibility
Aquarius compatibility


both Chinese and Western Astrology Overcoming the test of time, we have acquired many practitioners.

There may be differences between the two systems, but the fact remains that both can give us insight into how we interact with ourselves and the world.

Whether you believe in Chinese astrology or Western astrology (or both), I hope you find this article helpful. This list of differences and similarities is by no means exhaustive, but I hope you get two basic overviews.

Thank you for reading. May the stars align for you!

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