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Chia seeds recipe and benefits

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The very name ‘chia seeds’ is something that is very popular right now and I’m sure many of you have heard about it. But why are these seeds so popular? What’s All This Hype About Consuming Chia Water?

Well, try drinking chia water for a few weeks.

But before that, this article explains just how beneficial chia water can be for your body and exactly how you should take it. Then you can be sure that this drink is actually the best for you!

What is chia seed?

Chia seeds are small, edible, flattened, oval, dark-grey seeds obtained from flowering plants in the Labiatae family.

They are tasteless. These seeds have been very popular over the years and are often used in food or consumed due to their various health benefits.

It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and contains essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium.

Benefits of drinking chia water:

  • The lignans in chia seeds have antiestrogenic properties, inhibit the growth of breast tumor cells, and also reduce the risk of cervical cancer.
  • Chia seeds contain calcium, phosphorus, and manganese, which makes them useful for people suffering from all kinds of bone problems.
  • Chia seeds absorb large amounts of water, making you feel full and reducing food intake and consumption. As a result, you eat less food and consume fewer calories, contributing to weight loss.
  • Chia seeds contain antioxidants that help with age-related wrinkles, and their anti-inflammatory properties help treat acne.
  • Consuming chia seeds helps maintain insulin levels in the body and stabilizes blood sugar levels, especially after meals.
  • Chia seeds are rich in fibre, which makes them a great source of intake. Fiber helps with digestion and regularity. It contains soluble fiber that also feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut, helping to ease stools.
  • Chia seeds contain an antioxidant called quercetin, which helps reduce the risk of many diseases, including the heart.

How to make chia water?

Add 2 teaspoons of chia seeds to 2 cups of water or coconut water and let sit for 30 minutes or overnight. When ready to consume. Optional – Squeeze lemon juice and add honey or other sweetener.

Shake the chia water bottle each time before drinking, as the chia seeds will settle to the bottom of the bottle.

How often and when should you take chia water?

  • Chia seed water can be consumed daily (but no more than 2 teaspoons of chia seeds per day).
  • You can drink a glass of chia water in the morning on an empty stomach, or you can drink a glass after a meal.
  • Another method you can use to consume chia water is to drink it multiple times a day (as above, once you’ve made a liter of chia water).

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