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Cabbage Ware Old & New – Cozy Cottage Garden Tableware

by Contributing Author

From the time I was a little girl, my grandmother had me obsessed with cabbage and everything in the Beatrix Potter books. She always had Peter Rabbit books, cabbage products, and garden-themed items from books to art around her. So it’s no surprise that in my thirties I’m obsessed with all things Cozy Cottage Garden, including Peter Rabbit, garden themes, and of course other things shaped like cabbage products and garden vegetables. is not.

I’ve been collecting cabbage bowls for a long time and have been asked about it all the time so I’ve shared some sources here and there, but today I’m going to put together the old and the new again for you guys in a big way. Saw. From white to green and everything in between, here are some sources of cabbage ware, both old and new today. You can find them in antique shops, flea markets, but if you want to find them online… WE FOUND IT! Tap the photos below to see each item…

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