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I’ve had some pretty high scores in the last few weeks at some local antique spots. I do these weekend antique hauls from time to time and will share some of my finds with you. may be done.You never know what you’ll get, but I always hope it inspires you in some way.You can see my list of favorite local shops I made a while back [HERE] & where you can find antiques online [HERE] & also if you want to see antique hauls from past weekends you can check them out [HERE]They finish a lot of things here on their blog but sometimes I just share them on my Instagram so be sure to check out my profile and highlights [HERE] Likewise, don’t miss the antique shopping trips, hauls, and more that I share daily. Because I styled my recent antique hauls together in a small space in the house. This rarely happens when the cargo is very large and all items work well together. cute corner…

That shelf first caught my eye. I wasn’t sure if it would be something I would use in my co-op room, in my entryway or pool house, or take it into the store and use it for styling, but I knew I had to have it. From there, I found wonderful antique little books, string dispensers, pottery, artwork, and more that I could add to the series collection I already own, and shared them in Antique Highlights. [HERE].

We hope this little message gets you a fun, ‘not-so-new’ unique item to create a one-of-a-kind home that perfectly represents your style or tells a story. I love this sound of ‘buy weird things that will make your home the best real estate sale’ that’s been around on social media lately. There is also a new book by Jean Stoffer, one of my favorite designers and a local who inspires me.home establishment,” was very inspiring and motivated me from a small lull in design. [HERE]Thank you very much for watching the blog every day today. For those of us here on the farm, it really means the world. Get daily updates on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you again and have a nice stay!

xx Liz Marie

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