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Budget Breakdown: How Much Does a Nursery Makeover Cost?

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We recently finished sweet baby Freddy’s nursery in Idaho and are currently in the middle of renovating Faye’s bedroom and can’t wait to see what happens next ;). Once the project is complete, we want to create a budget breakdown and share exactly how much money was spent. There’s a lot you can do with a limited budget, and you can distribute the funds however you like, but I want to be transparent about home renovations and how those numbers stack up. So, for those of you who have a new baby and want to have a special room for them, let’s see how much a nursery makeover can cost.

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This nursery is unique because it features many pieces from the Pottery Barn Kids collection designed to grow with your child. From our own parenting experience, we know that investing in quality nursery furniture can last for years with multiple kids and keep you sane.

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Also in this nursery, many of the toys, books and animals already belonged to the Fulmer family. A tip when budgeting for a project is to splurge on furniture and lighting. Then pick a few elements that you’re willing to pay more for. Finally, figure out how to spend the rest of your budget.

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Pottery Barn Kids and Loloi (two of our product partners) sent their products for this children’s room renovation. It was very special to be able to design this children’s room using pieces from the actual collection. If you want to copy this nursery and paste it in your own space, here is the budget you need.

Total nursery renovation cost = $7419

As I said before, money can be invested extensively in designing your dream nursery. Parents, I’m curious, what did you do for the nursery school? Did you design it bit by bit or in one go?

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