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by Contributing Author

Did you know that the way you stand, sit, wave your hands, roll your eyes, cross your legs, and use your body all send stronger signals than the words you speak? Your body language is your deepest. Reveal feelings and emotions. They reveal hidden thoughts and secret attitudes. It is often done without your knowledge, even to complete strangers.

More than 70% of our communication is non-verbal, according to the latest research. In fact, behavioral scientists now know that the body speaks a much larger language than words.

When the words do not match what the body is saying, it is better to rely on the body. The body more accurately reflects emotions, attitudes, and intentions. Here are some tips on how to “listen with your eyes” and how to send auspicious signals to attract good energy and good people into your life.

If you want to make a good first impression, Body language that brings good luck! In addition to smiling and making good eye contact, show your palm as an inviting gesture. Keep your arms open to receive qi. Lean your body slightly forward without crossing your legs. These are welcome signals that send a positive message. Don’t forget to show a little smile!

Next, by subtly “matching and reflecting” the other person’s facial expressions and body gestures, it immediately creates trust and goodwill from the other person. This seemingly unconscious mimicry sends a powerful positive signal, subconsciously telling the other person that you like and agree with what they say. This should immediately create a harmony of chi energies.

The next time someone introduces you to a “new” friend, see if they fold their arms. This is a sign that the other person doesn’t trust you. Then you can also subtly cross your arms to reflect your gesture. However, when you do, you can smile, lean forward, and send a non-verbal but friendly message that you want to make friends. Then unfold your arms and see if your message was understood and positively received. If the person you are interacting with likes you, he/she will undoubtedly unfold her arms and follow suit. This sets the stage for the two to get even closer. Both sides then subconsciously move into a more open stance with each other. The ice has broken nicely and, more importantly, things are starting to move between the two of them.

When someone subconsciously matches your body gestures, it always indicates that things are going well between you. It shows that you have built a certain amount of trust and goodwill. Conversely, if you notice that the other person’s gestures are inconsistent, you know that trust has not yet been established.

These gestures are the basis of body language. It can be observed anywhere, but most often appears when strangers gather at social occasions such as cocktail parties, event launches, seminars, conferences, and dinner parties. It also appears when one party is trying to “sell” something to the other party. For example, many insurance salespeople have some training in body language and are usually very good at sending and reading body signals.

The next time you attend a social event, watch how strangers unconsciously try to match each other’s gestures. When people are in the “making friends” stage, they subconsciously tend to try to reach out and mirror each other’s gestures.

After a while, however, disagreements can start to surface, especially if you’re having a serious conversation. Then the parties in disagreement will unconsciously start making inconsistent body gestures, causing each other to do exactly the opposite of what the other does.

The stronger the disagreement, the more aggressive physical signals will appear. The aggressive party may step forward or cross their legs. Arms may be folded as a symbolic gesture of protection, and both sides may start looking in different directions. There are many hostile hand signals whose meaning is obvious, even if they are unconscious. Smiles disappear and eyes tend to lose focus. The mouth is drooping and the hands are raised in a “pushing away” gesture. Often, when one party starts to lose interest, distracting gestures start to surface.

Hand gestures such as touching the ears, eyes, and back of the head are sure signs that indifference is on the way. In some cases hostility can escalate into more aggressive signals such as chest thrusting or fist clenching, but more often disagreements lead to boredom and indifference. cause. People usually turn away or shrug their shoulders before moving away.

In the language of love, body language really shines. Potential lovers are far less sensitive than they used to be, especially as many people interact more openly with each other these days.

In the old days, subtlety ruled boldness, because in those days, shyness was more prized than aggressiveness, especially among young and qualified women. At the time, predatory females were a rare breed. Today they are everywhere. Bold and beautiful things outnumber gentle and shy things. Among men, the tendency to be outspoken is even more pronounced. As a result, body language has become a big part of the mating game.

Many body-signaling experts argue that in courtship games, women typically act first by sending a series of eye, body, and facial cues to the target man (or woman). It is said that men should look out for these signs before taking action. A woman who doesn’t signal usually isn’t interested in her, so approaching her is more likely to fail.

These days, the rules of engagement between men and women are very complicated. This is because women who send signals are not necessarily interested in sex, whereas men who receive signals are usually interested in sex. But modern women often let men know in clear terms if they are interested in them.

Men are not very good at reading women’s body language because of subtle but significant differences between male and female perceptions of mating games. A woman doesn’t always have sex on her mind, but a man almost always does. So, to help you decipher the signals sent by the opposite sex, here are some common “love” signals that women send when they come across a romantic opportunity.

longing eyes

Eye contact is one of the most obvious signs of interest. Interested eyes are sharp, smoldering and often hungry. When someone catches a woman’s attention, she usually raises her eyebrows, opens her eyes wide, and looks a little longer than usual. If a woman is interested, keep that expression on her face long enough for the man to notice. If she answers, she immediately leans forward a little and smiles to herself. The signal sent here is YES. If the man used the same enthusiastic approach, the woman would quickly turn her back if she wasn’t interested. If she’s enthusiastic, she’ll find a way to send back a positive signal. If the signals sent back include sexual gestures like wetting your lips or slightly changing your sitting position to expose a little hemline, then sex isn’t far off her mind. Alternatively, pay attention to her outfit. It’s clear that she’s conscious of her own body if she’s wearing skimpy clothing. If she wears a dress with her sleeves and collar, a man can look forward to the time before sexually acting on a woman.

upturned chin

As soon as a man initiates a conversation with a woman, the position of the woman’s head and face will immediately tell if she is interested in that man or his conversation. Usually she digs her food with her head tilted to one side and her lower jaw lifted towards you. Her upward tilted chin is a very positive gesture as it strongly indicates that she is paying attention to what the man is saying. If you’re a woman and someone makes a big move at you, you can slow him down by putting a little space between you or gently placing your hands in front of you. Do not fold your hands as this will send a negative signal. You are interested, but want to signal him not to act too quickly. If you’re a man who finds himself in this situation, you might want to step away from her for a bit, but keep her arms open so that you’re very interested, but you’re her timing. to give the decision-making power to

hips don’t lie

When a man and a woman are talking and checking on each other in a crowded room, especially if there are other distractions in the room, such as other people, music, or a TV playing, sit on your hips while talking. be careful. Many pick-up locations have a lot of distractions. So when you two meet, it’s easy to tell if you’re attracted to each other five minutes after her first.

If the girl turns and only turns her head every time the guy says something, this is not a good sign. If she is interested, she will rotate her entire body toward the man, her hips facing him, and strongly indicate that her focus is on him and not on the other people in the room. increase. It’s the same for men. If you’re chatting with a guy in a crowded room and he doesn’t turn his hips toward you, he’s definitely not interested.

laughing at your stupid jokes

It’s been said that one of the surest signs of attraction is when a girl laughs loudly, shows her teeth, and throws her head back. This translates as a very serious attraction, especially if the joke is humorless and loose. If she throws her head back in front of a man’s eyes every time she laughs, it means she doesn’t resist the big moves that are made to her.

send signals through the clothes you wear

Nothing sends a clearer signal than the clothes you wear. For a woman, when she’s wearing a see-through blouse, a very short skirt, or tight jeans, she’s signaling to herself that she’s ready, and perhaps happy. Young women need to be constantly aware of the signals they are sending through the clothes they wear. A see-through lace look may be the latest fashion trend, but it’s sending a signal about your sexuality. Never send a signal that you don’t want to send. In other words, never send visiting signals that could falsely attract the wrong kind of man. If all you want is a good time and you’re not as interested in an appointment as any man is, the body language you send out will definitely be different than the body language sent out by women looking for a serious relationship.

Come on touch me baby

Touch gestures go one step beyond body language. They’re really very revealing, and the more intimate that gesture is, the more interesting it is. When a woman touches a man’s thigh, it is a much more sexual gesture than when she touches her hand or shoulder. Nevertheless, placing a hand on a man’s forearm or shoulder during a conversation is a sure sign that she likes him. A man rarely backs down, if at all, unless he is engaged to someone else or happily married. But most men respond with some sort of open gesture to see how far a woman would go. So in the mating game, a surefire way for a man to go somewhere with a woman is to try to get her to touch him.

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