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Beautiful Kids Easter Basket Ideas

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It’s officially Easter gift basket time! There are many things I love about being a parent, but making the holidays a little more engaging for my daughter definitely ranks high on that list. ?) and I started thinking about what to put in my daughter’s Easter basket this year.

Egg-shaped bath bombs, the cutest umbrella ever (maybe not ever?), and her own sparkly magic wand caught my eye. But there are so many adorable things out there to consider. I mean, Easter slime, anyone!? Below are some Easter gift basket ideas that I personally have my eye on.

P.S. I grabbed easter unicorn book I showed it last year and it’s cute. The story is short and sweet, but the illustrations are beautiful and everything pops up or folds up.

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& also buy Easter Baskets:

1. little chick plush toy | | 2. rabbit ears sleep mask | | 3. wooden rabbit roller

Four. spring umbrella | | 5. Digital camera | | 6. mini easter bunny cookies

7. hand painted flower eggs | | 8. easter unicorn book | | 9. wand of stars

Ten. window cling kit | | 11. floral nail care kit | | 12. easter egg slime

13. rainbow daisy sunglasses | | 14. small construction truck | | 15. floral heart bunny

16. dark chocolate bunny | | 17. garden rain maker | | 18. rabbit mixer set

19. peep bunny chalk | | 20. peter rabbit sticker | | 21. Hape Dollhouse Friends Set

twenty two. egg bath bomb

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