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Bathroom Cleaning Tips From A Professional

by Contributing Author

Bathroom cleaning tips from professional house cleaners

Keeping your bathroom clean can be a challenge if you don’t have a structure or cleaning plan in place. I don’t want to prioritize it, but he should do it at least once a month, if not every other week. Incorporating these few tips will make it much easier.

Getting into the habit of keeping your bathroom clean will not only reduce your personal stress, but it will also help you realize that the only place you use to maintain your own cleanliness and hygiene is actually a clean place. Know and keep in mind. Plus, no one wants to use a dirty toilet when entertaining often.

As a house cleaner, I have cleaned hundreds of bathrooms. Here are some tips to make this cleaning chore more convenient.

If you have a glass shower door, squeegee it after use to reduce hard water buildup. Find a product like the invisible glass I found on Amazon and apply it later.

Keep a roll of paper towels, some cleaning cloths, a toilet brush, an all-purpose spray, and some gel bleach (for in-toilet use) in a caddy under the sink or in a nearby hallway closet so you can be properly equipped. to

Wash body towels, washcloths, hand towels, and bath mats regularly. Bacteria will start to grow from the dampness and the odor will go away.

Magic Eraser and Dawn Dish Soap are a great combination for removing dirt and soap scum build-up on standard tub/shower or tiles.

Be sure to clean the inside of the toilet bowl, the bottom of the toilet seat, and the top of the toilet seat. Don’t forget the toilet base and clean the sides of the toilet bowl and the floor behind it regularly.

After brushing your teeth, spray and rinse the sink and wipe off excess hair, toothpaste, soap, etc. with a paper towel. Doing this will prevent dirt from building up in the long run!

Finally, don’t overfill your toilet with trash! Keep a small trash bag with your cleaning caddy and replace it with an empty bag when it’s full.

As a professional house cleaner, these are the things I do at home and take care of my bathroom. For more tips from professional house cleaners, visit Check out our handy list of Redfin secrets (Featured in an article about bathroom tips!)

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