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B&A: A Scary 120-Year-Old Bathroom Gets a Fresh Yet Timeless Transformation

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This is the story of replacing a white tiled shower with another white tiled shower in a gut work bathroom renovation. I’m joking, but it’s a joke of my best friend and partner in the adventure of rebuilding a house that’s over 120 years old. Victorian in need of loveto regain its former beauty.

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But it was hard to see the beauty on the first day. Not to mention the surprise mannequin jump scares we did. no put it there. However, the bathroom had potential. natural light, enough space, and A chance to rehabilitate and feature that rusty clawfoot tub.

Mike and I had to bathe up to the studs and joists as part of a two year job. painstaking renovation of the house, but it gave us a fresh start with a classic and glamorous palette of black and white against pink. Did.So we made a big impact with a few people dark gray jelly tiles Trim niches and windows.rest covered with pearls white square Highly on-trend textured styling (and mounted offset for a more contemporary feel than straight lay of old).pinky taupe penny round tiles Hold it all together with a shower pan, and Inspired the paint color of the room — Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Pale Pink Vintage Taupe.

Originally I wanted a black wall, but resale might have been a bit dangerous (laughs).Instead, we found a compromise with an oversized black floor simple geometric pattern It brought in some vintage flair.

The initial layout of the bathroom was nice, so Mike and I decided to keep all the fixtures where they were. But the new shower’s glass half-wall helps give it a greater sense of space, and it also shows off a restored tub!

Confession: We were never able to recover the original bathtub, but fortunately, local tub refinisher I had another restored one of the right size ready for paint. and You can get rid of the old! I used the same color as the wallwith a more shimmery sheen, opted for a glossy black leg to reflect the contrast in the shower.

One thing we knew for sure was that the new vanity had to feel like furniture. I tried to find something cheaper, but nothing else. all, but couldn’t settle for just the right vanity in a beautiful space. again? An antique black James Martin vanity looked like it had been in the house forever.

The simple matte black mirror we chose provided a cute little shelf at the bottom so we could imagine the owner dressing it up with cute bottles and jars. And oh those vanity lights. ! Living Her room’s chandelier (her Alyssa stealing Mitzi’s show) spins off on every lighting choice in the house, matte her black paige her vanity her lights are whimsical enough for subtle design and reminded me where the main bus is. don’t take it too seriously.

Well, I think they replaced the white shower with another one. But in the process, I am very proud of the fact that we have created a space that is as beautiful and inviting as a home, bringing luxury and charm to a space that didn’t have it before.

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