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B&A: A Paint-Fueled Redo Gives This Beige Box Apartment Some Much-Needed Charm

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My friend Mike and I bought a hybrid of a three-story Victorian house turned studio apartment and a low-rise building built in the 1970s that, from the outside, looks vintage with an outside entrance. Looked like a motel. That’s the extent of the charm of these apartments, which are about 450 square feet and are fully serviceable, but very boring spaces. Add in cabinets, commercial grade blue carpet and you have a blast.

where do i start? In my eyes, you can’t go wrong with Paris as an inspiration. Mike and I had a wonderful antique mirror that her shop mom, an avid recycler, found on her treasure hunt. Reminded me of the cool mirrors I saw in Parisian restaurants, and it didn’t take me long to find my favorite restaurant. Le Bon Georges I wanted to channel in a bistro that looked like a movie set in a typical French restaurant or dream of paris this beige box. It felt like gold when I found the classic blue French Her Café Her chair at my favorite flea market.

The navy blue and gold of the chair’s colors led us to Benjamin Moore’s palette, which included Mysterious (a dark gray-blue) and Vellum (a buttery yellow). A monochromatic approach to the cabinets and his three walls in the kitchen brought a dark and moody blue to give room to the small space. I continued the blue to the baseboard and trimmed the living room and bedroom for a bit of drama.

The black and white tiles on the kitchen floor create a classic French restaurant feel. The parsimonious gold-framed art, bistro tables and antique mirrored tile backsplash are a nod to a dinner in Paris. rice field.

Everything is going well until the gold velvet sofa arrives. lost all its luster. The couch needed a standout backdrop, but it was too late to switch gears to wallpaper.

Instead of drastically changing course, I used the paint I already had on hand to create a distinctive wall. A simple geometric pattern in gold and dark blue. Echo the pattern with some throw pillows (I think it’s the best money you can spend when you’re trying to add a touch of whimsy to a room!) Doesn’t seem like a happy accident and much Looked like a plan!

The carpet was replaced with LVP in a warm golden brown suitable for rental, and gold was used in the fringed curtains to further warm the space. By the time you add cute new light fixtures, gaudy striped shower curtains, and greenery, no trace of the old beige box remains.

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