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B&A: A Muted Bedroom's $300 Refresh Brings in Color, But Keeps the Calming Vibes

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Did you know that old allergy-medicine commercial went from sleepy and dazed to a clear post-allergy pill all of a sudden? Or when the screen goes from black and white to color in The Wizard of Oz? It is Hannah Freberg’s (@nostalgia rug) bedroom redo is like her “after”. Hannah’s bedroom was calm at first, but after less than a month, it was soaked in color.

“I was working on weekdays, so I could only work on weekends, so it took me a few days, maybe seven,” adds Hanna, who lives in Sweden. Her previous bedroom was “shabby her mix of chic, bohemian and vintage, and at the time the natural colors of white and beige were so nice and relaxing,” she says. Hannah initially thought she slept better with a soft palette, but over time she began to miss the bright colors.

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“I always had very colorful hair and clothes,” Hannah says. “I decided to put myself in a colorful environment.” She painted the walls a more vibrant rosy pink (Sandalwood of Rusta) to begin. Hannah likes the paint color to change with the weather outside, she says. “Pink bedroom on a sunny day, orange bedroom on a gray day!” she says.

Of all her changes, Hannah’s favorite is her new and improved nightstand.Hannah painted it yellow and then added Peel-and-stick wallpaper with a pattern called “kimono” to the front desk. “I live alone, so I did everything myself,” says Hannah. “I created a mood board and had some doubts about how the wall color of the table and the wallpaper would go together, but I stuck with my vision.”

There’s one detail that Hannah originally planned to change, but kept. Explained on Instagram.

Hannah says the refurbished bedroom is more colorful overall, but it’s still a calming, personal retreat. “You can totally relax there,” she says.

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