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B&A: A Few Smart DIYs Go a Long Way in Brightening up This Dreary 1990s RV

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Atmosphere is especially important when living in a small space.The dark, dated, and utterly uninspired aesthetic can quickly feel like the walls are closing in on you. modern space It can make a nearby place feel like a cozy haven.

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Take it from Christine Urbanek. Christine realized that when she bought her RV, she had to do something to make her feel at home every time she rented an Airbnb. “I bought it to renovate,” she says. “I love interior design and wanted to create something cute and homely to stay on my premises. I thought it would be

If Christine was looking for a project, she found it in this RV. Some have been updated, like the floors, while others have remained in their original years-old condition. A lot of work went into transforming this space into the retreat Christine envisioned. She was able to get it done in a few months. She had to hire a professional to replace the rotten walls in her kitchen area, but Christine took care of the rest of this renovation. One room challenge.

The first step was to remove all the wallpaper borders and stickers in the kitchen. This allowed Christine to fill smooth surfaces with bright white. “What was surprisingly easier than I thought was painting on wallpaper,” she says. “The secret is to use a primer that adheres well.”

Instead of an old wallpaper border, Christine opted for a small white subway stick-on tile for the kitchen backsplash. The all-white color scheme makes the space between the lower and upper cabinets look wider, and the black-framed windows also pop.

Now that the walls and cabinets look brand new, it’s time to decorate and bring the space to life. Behind it, she added warmth to the windows by scrapping the old shades and instead adding budget-friendly DIY curtains. A TJMaxx graded Christine tea towel hanging from a dollar store curtain rod.

There were some additional DIY projects to make the space more functional. For example, the shelf under the TV is attached using a piano hinge so it can be folded down to pull in the RV’s slide (retractable extension). Christine also self-made her coffee table using old plywood from her cabinets in her home kitchen. Mid-century hairpin legs. Add a cute tulip her table and braided chairs for two, comfy cushions, and this once-boring space is now indistinguishable.

“I love how bright and airy it is,” says Christine. “I feel very at home.” Final goal!

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