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B&A: A Bare Attic Turns Into a "Magical and Serene" Bathroom

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Apartment Therapy features massive attic and A-frame home renovations that show how extreme angles and sloping ceilings can work in style. (See: 11 A-frame cabins that make you want to escape to the woods, this attic office, this attic bedroom.@doing_up_the_doer_upper) renovation of the attic that gave her a gorgeous new bathroom.

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Utilizing wasted space was a big factor in the renovation. “We had a lot of roof space and we really wanted to take advantage of it,” Kimberly said, adding that the renovations were part of a full house renovation that took place in 2021 and 2022. rice field. Leno, she managed the project herself.

A large part of the cost was completing the bare attic. After remodeling the attic and plastering the room, Kimberly said the bathroom cost around £3,000 (about US$3,578). Kimberly says removing her chimney allowed for a giant skylight in the bathroom, and her ultimate vision for the space was “a botanical space that feels luxurious on a budget.”

Once the bare attic space is really finished and livable, it’s time to fill in all the rest. Large tiles in shades of gray give the room a neutral base, while the pale pink paint on the walls adds warmth. Both help highlight the real star of this bathroom. The green tile above the shower and vanity is what Kimberly says is her favorite part of the bathroom. “I’m so glad we tiled the entire shower with them to create the most serene space,” she says. (The rain shower certainly helped with the spa-like feel.)

A project this big is certainly expensive, but Kimberly has saved money in other small ways. The vanity, for example, is an upcycled piece of hers that she already owned. “I used a unit that used to be in my kid’s nursery, removed the top and added a basin,” she says, noting that she sourced the vessel sink and fixtures from an online retailer. The top granite was found free from someone who was renovating their own kitchen. A local mason cut it to size. But it still looks expensive, thanks to the brass touches on the faucet and the elongated mirror.

There is a lot of learning involved with this large project. Kimberley’s biggest piece of Reno advice is to plan for setbacks. “I think it’s really important to realize that you can make mistakes along the way,” she says. I disconnected the underfloor heating system in my house and it took me a while to fix it. “We overcame each problem along the way (trying not to scream, scream or cry!) and have never looked back since!” says Kimberly.

Her other advice for bathroom renos? “Bathrooms love plants, and plants love bathrooms. rice field.

The skylight is another one of Kimberly’s favorite features. “It’s amazing to see planes flying from the moon or the stars or from the shower!” she says. “The space is magical and serene.”

In addition to being a gorgeous place to relax, Kimberly’s home has added function (and value) in place of unused attic space. It’s a true win-win-win.

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