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B&A: A $500 Bathroom Reno Roots Existing Features in a Sentimental Design

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Still, Sinéad Slabine couldn’t afford to waste more time ignoring the bathroom of his 1940s home.

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“This bathroom is the first room guests see when they step into the front door,” she says. “Because of its location, the bathroom has become a high traffic area. Her husband’s home and her office also share a wall with the bathroom.”

As it stands, the bathroom wasn’t all that remarkable. Its dark paintwork, black tiles, and wood-framed vanity mirrors don’t make the space feel light and airy, despite the fact that there’s actually plenty of natural light.

According to Sinéad, a full-scale renovation was not planned, but he wanted to make changes on a short schedule and small budget. “So we looked at what to do with the constants—black tile, pedestal sinks, plastic shower her inserts—and worked around it,” she says.

Sinéad’s goal was to give the bathroom a special ambience, given its prominent position in the house. She considered more than 10 of her wallpaper options during the initial research phase of the project, ultimately arriving at a pattern the couple felt represented them: Hilton, South Carolina She is Head Island A bird reminiscent of her parents’ property in

“The most time consuming but satisfying part of the process was the peel and stick wallpaper,” she recalls. The couple also replaced the very typical builder-grade chrome lighting fixtures with Art Deco industrial lighting fixtures that resembled the decor of Cinead’s favorite restaurants.

When it came time to finish, the couple added a funky bath mat, some wicker baskets for textured storage, and some sentimental art. ‘ she says. “The picture below is of her husband’s grandmother’s house on Cape Cod, a special childhood place for her husband.”

The project culminated in a gorgeous design that truly conveyed the couple’s personality and values.

“I am most proud of the way in which we have incorporated elements that cannot be changed and have had enough effect to create visually interesting spaces,” says Sinéad. “Bathrooms reflect who we are and how we want people to feel when they come to our home.”

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