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B&A: A $200 Bathroom Redo Ditches the Dingy but Keeps the Retro ’60s Vibes

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There’s (probably) no better feeling than having a nice, clean bathroom waiting to start your morning routine. But in some older bathrooms it’s almost impossible to get those fresh and clean vibes. , due to insufficient lighting.

The bathroom in Trina Huizinga’s 1960s home was no exception. “Bathrooms used to be very dingy,” she says. The walls, ceiling, and trim were painted in cream, and there was a Tulip Her print wallpaper added in the 1980s. To make matters worse, “the bathroom was filthy with caked-on dirt on the floor and dirty walls,” says Trina.

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For a $200 redo, she and her husband Stanton went from dirty to fresh. I kept what I liked about the bathroom: the retro tiles, the wooden vanity (including the countertop and sink), and my favorite detail, the globe. light.

All the tiles needed was a good clean. Trina and her husband did when they moved in in 2021. “I stripped her January wallpaper and got some paint samples to ponder. Then it was time to jump in and paint!”

Trina and Stanton are the harmonious colors of terracotta and peach (Valspar Desert Carnation) and off-white (Sherwin Williams’ Greek Villa) for the trim. Trina says she was initially nervous about using dark colors for the walls, especially considering the bathroom doesn’t have a lot of natural light, but her bold color choices have paid off. I was. “Don’t be afraid to choose fun, bold, or dark colors, especially in a windowless bathroom,” she says. ”

Trina also takes pride in the “taping, patching and sanding work” behind the freshly painted walls. Painting was easy for her, she says. Preparing for paint, however, required a lot more patience.

“There are many steps to doing a good paint job,” she says. “I’ve skimmed the prep work for a paint project before and learned from those mistakes.”

Finally, Trina’s hard work paid off. Because vibrant new colors rejuvenated vintage vanities, sinks, lighting and tiles. “Rather than renovating, just updating the decor and paint,” says Trina, you can save tons of money without sacrificing style. We added a wooden stool, decade-appropriate ferns, and Target’s new bath mat to spruce up the place.

“I love how that ‘after’ gives new life to this old bathroom without altering its character or cool retro original elements,” says Trina. I feel like it pays tribute to the house.”

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