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B&A: A 1930s Kitchen Gets an Easy “In-the-Meantime” Refresh for $200

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A complete kitchen redo, including dismantling the studs, might be on your dream to-do list, but your someday, finally, maybe List — In reality, you may have to wait a while before that happens. After all, it can be hard to fit a disruptive project like this into your life, and it can certainly take a long time to save money.

If you’re in the kitchen reno waiting period, though it might relate to homeowners John and Shannon, who were planning to tackle the big kitchen reno in the first three years of owning the house. , I realized that I had to wait a little. Thankfully, the couple is lucky enough to have her DIY enthusiast in the family: Lindsey Mahoney (@Building Bluebird), John’s sister. Instead of a full facelift, Lindsey touted smaller updates that were cheaper, easier, faster, but equally transformative.

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“With three young children, this remodel is not possible for the next few years, so I proposed a budget-friendly makeover to our current kitchen to improve its functionality and appearance with a DIY project.” explains Lindsey. “I firmly believe that your home should give you joy and energy, even if you can’t do a major renovation.” (Listen, listen, Lindsay! If you’re following that mantra. , here are seven more “in-between” upgrades you can make when saving up for something bigger.)

Here’s what was on Shannon and John’s “to fix” list: The color of the walls, the yellowing of the cabinets, and the age of the countertops and floors gave the place an overall dingy feel. (I would like to change the layout as well, as the 1930s kitchen is actually made up of two sections: the main cooking space, and tall cabinets that used to store the trash, and a few more It’s a “butler’s pantry” with stuff in. A strangely laid out but last updated 80’s or 90’s kitchen from the 1930s, Lindsey suggested to help Shannon and John Here’s a smart storage solution, and finally, a proper scrub.

Paint “was a big factor in this kitchen makeover,” says Lindsey. The walls, trim, and ceiling were painted to a clean blank slate (using Sherwin Williams’ Pure His White), and the cabinets were also painted (using White). Rust-Oleum Greige Cabinet Conversion Kit). “I love using these kits because they include everything you need and no sanding required,” he says. says on her blog(That’s because the kit includes a chemical deglosser and a bond coat, both of which help set the new color.) just Enough for two coats on all cabinets. ”

For the kitchen space’s tall pantry, Lindsey kept the door the same color as the walls so it blends in. “Painting it white gives it a seamless look,” she wrote on her blog.

Fresh colors made a big difference. “The updated cabinets against the clean, crisp white walls look really sharp,” says Lindsey. “Especially in the kitchen painting his cabinets, I also forgot how much time it takes to paint. On weekends my brother and father are busy painting and without them I would never have completed this project. couldn’t.”

But the time spent was well worth it, especially considering that this part of the project only cost $75. To finish off the revamped cabinets, Lindsay added brass knobs to the upper cabinets and wooden pulls (painted the same gray as the cabinets) to the lower cabinets.

Next, John added shelving to the existing pantry system. This made it easier to stay organized. For even more practical storage, Lindsey created a peg rail for Butler’s pantry area. “Not only does this add functionality to the kitchen, but it’s also time-appropriate for this home,” Lindsay says of her first DIY of hers, the custom-made pegs her rails. John and Shannon use pegs to hang bibs, lunch boxes, aprons, and cutting boards.

As for the floors and counters, they just needed a good scrubbing. says Lindsey.

In total, the kitchen project cost about $200. What is important here? “Paint has the ability to transform anything at little or no cost,” says Lindsey.

“The budget for this kitchen refresh was to actually spend Even if only slightly As much as possible,” says Lindsey. “I think we’ve done wonders at creating clean, functional spaces that energize the space when you walk into it and are timeless for the home. I’m not going to change anything.” No, and I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved.”

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