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Awkward Locations for Feng Shui Remedies by Kartar Diamond

by Contributing Author

In my opinion, Feng Shui remedies should be elegant and discreetWhat if feng shui therapy needs to go to a nasty place?

First, let’s talk about how recommendations are determined. Part of the decision is based on when the house was built and the placement of the magnetic compass. Next, divide the floor plan into 8 directional sectors. The energy field in each of these areas can be diagnosed and often requires certain elements to balance the energy. water, wood, fire, earth, or metal.

You might theoretically need the element, but it’s placed in a lesser-used area, so you can skip it. But otherwise, you’ll have to place elements in awkward locations that will benefit your entire home or frequently used rooms. There is no substitute for placement.There may be no floor space for salvation, ideally use wall space.

Here are some examples:

Client A I needed a vase of romance remedies in my home area and it happened to fall into the toilet tank. There is usually no vase of water on the toilet bowl. But there is a creative way you can put a stable tray on your tank top, place a vase of water (flowers are optional), and group them with other toiletries that fit the space.

Years ago, I wanted to put into practice what I preached and apply the Peach Blossom Romance Remedy (Vase Water). It ended up having to be halfway up the stairs to place the birth data in the correct position. i have placed it. I provided extra support with hardcover books where needed to keep the vase of water from accidentally being kicked up and down the stairs.

Similarly, there is no space elsewhere in the right direction zone, above the refrigerator, in the closet, under the bed, or in small entrances, so some remedies need to be taken. When there is a need, and there is no floor space or furniture to work with, shelving may be added to the wall.

client B There is a “form school” challenge where the front door and the back or bathroom door line up directly. A remedy might be to block or buffer direct alignment with some decorative items, but I don’t want to create more noticeable feng shui flaws while trying to fix that. Installing a standing screen to block the alignment between the two exterior doors is not recommended if one of the areas would be overcrowded or darkened by this solution. There are many cases where it must be determined whether the repair result is worse than the original defect.

Client C. I personally prefer to sleep in the best possible direction, which means sleeping under a low window and aligned with the room door. This is an example of having to prioritize chi flow over personal best direction.

Client D Placing an outdoor fountain in a specific direction can help stimulate fortune, but I’ve found that the best place for it is on one side of the house, not the front or back of the house. Should this client place a fountain in an area of ​​their property where they can’t even see or appreciate the stunning view of a nice fountain? Answer: Yes!

Client E. We found that the toddler’s bedroom needed metal to keep the child from getting sick. For children’s rooms, most of the time the furniture is wooden and you don’t want anything metal in the room where your child could get hurt. This is an example of placing a remedy behind or under another piece of furniture to keep it out of reach.

Client F. According to the date of birth, the best place to put a bowl of Lucky Money (Lu Cun) turned out to be a teenage child’s bedroom. Aside from the fact that many teens declare their bedrooms off-limits to their parents, how can this restriction be circumvented? not. Here is an example of how to do it. Theoretical feng shui is often different from the actual feng shui. In such cases, you can micromanage your home office and place your lucky money bowl there.

Client G. Two adjacent areas happen to need water. Naturally, the client may not want two fountains in the same room. Here you can change the water features, such as a fountain in one zone and an aquarium in an adjacent zone. That way, the client’s home doesn’t look like a fountain shop.Another solution is to strategically place water features on the boundary of two areas that need water so that one The trick is to have the fountain benefit his two areas.

Client H Need water in your bedroom but don’t want to hear the sound of dripping water when you’re trying to sleep. You can even turn it off at night or turn on an automatic timer so you don’t have to think about it.

There are many other examples, but my job as a feng shui consultant is to make suggestions and help solve problems for my clients. This includes the lack of ability to apply the ideal remedy to the location.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

From the Feng Shui Architecture and Design blog series

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