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Ask Julia: What is the best self tanner?

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There are few things that can boost your confidence faster than a freshly applied self-tanner. Especially when I go on vacation, there is something that gives my skin a little glow and energizes my steps! The tanning bed days are long gone (anyone else shaking their heads at their younger selves?), so I whipped up some sunscreen and selfie for that sun-kissed look. I rely on tanners. I’m heading to Mexico soon, and I’ve always wanted to do some testing to find the best self-tanners, so I thought there would never be a better time!

find the best self tanner

I have been trying self tanners for years! I like to buy a product, love it, use it all up and wonder if there is anything better out there. Then I buy something else and the process continues . Maybe this means I’m afraid of commitment? Or maybe you need a self-tanner to work overtime, so you’re incredibly committed to finding the best!

buy self tanner

So, at the office, I had the pleasure of testing seven of the most popular foam tanners I’ve used over the years. I have a full review of each tanner below, but I also wanted to show you how to compare the colors side by side. It’s very smooth to apply and seems to spread more evenly than any lotion I’ve tried so far. So everything we tested is a tanning mousse!

Self-tanner immediately after application

We were all shocked to see the difference between each tanner during application. But what really interested us was how each one grew overnight.

Self Tanner Developed Overnight (Including Shower)

What’s crazy is that even though the colors were vastly different when applied, they all look very similar after they’ve had time to fully develop. Some have tones, but I think they are all very similar when it comes to color. Here are some of my thoughts.

true intentions, Coco & Eve It’s a tough one to beat. I keep trying other new tanning mousse products. Smells great, applies evenly, moisturizes skin and lasts for days! I prefer darker, but in the first photo you can see that the color really leans towards green when applied.

Looking at the overnight results of ‘Ultra Dark’ makes me question everything as it may actually be the lightest shade compared to others.

used this Years and years. As you can see from the picture, the color is really really brown, actually leaning toward auburn, but this was definitely the team’s favorite!

The reason I stopped using it was because it didn’t have much moisturizing power and I was worried about drying. But I have pretty dry skin too, so it might suit you!

Saint-Tropez It was my OG Tanning Mousse. The reason I switched is because it has more orange undertones. I also remember getting a little spotty after a few days.

From testing it also seems a little lighter and warmer than the others, which is not a bad thing!

I completely swipe up on this As recommended by another influencer. First of all, A+ for the beautiful packaging. The fragrance is “blood orange”, which is an interesting scent, but the color is a color I really like. very comparable to Coco & Eve but less green.

My only criticism is that it comes off fairly easily. Days 1 and 2 look incredible, but by day 3 you’re pretty much back to square one. In a way, it’s also a good thing because it leaves no weird patchy areas that are too stubborn to wash off.

Where are my love islanders? I fell in love with Molly May on that show so when she released her own self tannerI had to try it!

When applied the undertone is a bit more yellow and I finally liked this but not by much Coco & Eve.

We all gasped when we pumped this It was Green Ean, so I used it as an applicator brush. You can hardly see the moment you apply it, but it develops into a really nice warm tan! A little shocking.

when I was using red aspen, loved the nourishment and hydration.I missed the dark one so I stopped Coco & Eveand this only came in one color.

this might be the real winner Bondi Sandsis almost the same as ! Coco & Eve, at a fraction of the cost. When I got this at a convenience store in London, I tried it and fell in love with it.

I really hoped it wouldn’t dry out my skin. Otherwise this is a very good option for me!

keep loving Coco & Evebut seeing this side-by-side comparison honestly makes me reconsider trying rubbing tongue again!i really love it too unfiltered luxbut the color is so good that you may need to accept applications more often.

The difficult part with self-tanners is the removal part.I actually tried it because it doesn’t necessarily come off even if I remove the dead skin firmly. This Bondi Sands Tan Eraser First time in all Swatches. The right half of my arm that I applied it to was certainly reduced by about 50%. It seems that light is hitting somehow, but it has been wiped off.

So it definitely works! The instructions said to apply it after 3-5 days of tanning and this was applied the next day. If you want a step-by-step look at my tanning routine, check out this post. Here’s a detailed explanation of the exact regimen.

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