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Are Snake Plants Bad Feng Shui?

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Are Snake Plants Bad Feng Shui?

Snake plants are very popular houseplants that are very beautiful and easy to care for. They have erect, stout, pointed leaves. In my view, they embody the element of metal, as they are strong and hard like metal swords.

People often ask if snake plants are bad for feng shui, but the short answer is that it depends.In general, feng shui recommends especially avoid sharp or pointed plantsHowever, if you really consider your life and needs and can find the right time and place, you can use things that are not normally considered good feng shui plants. It is a place where you can bring some finesse to Feng Shui rather than following the general rules of .

Snake plants can be useful in certain situations and in certain areas of your home, but they may not.To find out if your home snake plant is supporting you, the first thing you want to do is draw your floor plan. Baguais a mandala used in feng shui with different areas representing different areas of life. Once you have the bagua at home, pay attention to where the snake plant is and think about what it means.

For example, the snake plant may not be the best plant to place in the relationship area, which is called Kun in Chinese. It could mean that you are getting dry in the relationship.

However, if you need more intensity and strength in certain parts of the Bagua, the Snake Plant can be very beneficial. There is a snake plant called Li in my famous area and it was very helpful. I also have a public face, so I need to protect myself a little. I actually placed this snake plant in my prestige area when I needed to feed more strength and the ability to have a sharp tongue when needed.

It also depends on your energy and situation. If you’re already pretty assertive and have a sharp tongue, you may not need a snake plant. If you need more strength, protectionHowever, it can be beneficial. Also, your needs can change over time. After using the Snake Plant for a while, it may have decided that it had taken the necessary lessons and was just as useless.

Another great place for the Snake Plant is on your desk, representing your career. It turns out that many people need some protection. Especially if you work with difficult people or if your job requires you to be more independent.

Snake plants are also a great addition to your home entrance when you want to feel safer. However, this placement is not recommended if you want to open yourself up to accept new opportunities.In that case you may want to choose Plants More Commonly Recommended in Feng Shuilike monstera and pothos.

Instead of making blanket statements about what is good or bad, we encourage you to be curious about what you need. Principles tell us that things are ‘yes’ rather than ‘either’.

Do you have snake plants in your home? Where is the Feng Shui Bagua? Do you feel protected in some way?

Ange Cho

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