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Antique Paint Colors – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Paint Colors

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Welcome to the new series!! This is the series to share on social media and blog. What is a series? Now let’s rewind a little. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the paint color of the furniture around the farm. problem? Most of the pieces are antique pieces that we have not painted. In this series, we try to color match pieces around our farm, create custom colors, find similar paint colors, and bring you the best antique paint colors to use in our cozy cottage farmhouse. . Let’s start the series in the laundry room…

This antique cabinet in our laundry room is something of the star of the show, and when we refreshed our laundry room the other day, many were wondering what paint color and where to buy it. Well, since we bought it this way.. find the color that’s right for you and the color family that will help you get the same or similar vibe in our home…

I took the door to my local paint shop to create a custom color and even color match it with the existing paint color. It has such a nice patina and wear that I decided to color match it with the most common paint colors on the cabinets.

These are the custom colors we came up with to bring this cozy color into your home:

custom color code

If you are looking for an exact color match, be prepared before going to your nearest Benjamin Moore paint store.

The color code shown below is from a 1/2 pint sample of Benjamin More Bass 2 (200 2x) in the Eggshell scene. If you want eggshells, you should be able to scale up the code provided by Benjamin Moore’s paint expert. If you want a different sheen, we recommend making the sample as is and matching the color with a different sheen than the eggshell sample.

Benjamin Moore’s distributor is located in RepcoLite, Ace Hardware (Nationwide), if you live in West Michigan.

There are several similar colors you can use to get the same vibe in different shades

Close color matches to get a similar look.

Other brand colors comparable to BENJAMIN MOORE ~ SECRET (AF-710)
Behr: pewter ring
Farrow & Ball: Mole’s Breath
PPG: Downpour
Sherwin Williams: Classic French Gray
Valspar: Gray Suit

You can take that custom color code to your local paint store and test mixed samples at home. Want more cabinet color matching? What other pieces do you need to color match for you in our home? Stay tuned for the rest of this series. Thank you very much for reading my blog today.follow us every day Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest& tick tockCozy stay!

xx Liz Marie

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