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Antique Paint Colors – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Paint Colors – Mora Clock

by Contributing Author

Welcome to the new series!! This is the series to share on social media and blog. What is a series? Now let’s rewind a little. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the paint color of the furniture around the farm. problem? Most of the pieces are antique pieces that we have not painted. In this series, we try to color match pieces around our farm, create custom colors, find similar paint colors, and bring you the best antique paint colors to use in our cozy cottage farmhouse. . For the second part of the series (hopefully more parts) we go to another color favorite in our house, an antique Mora clock purchased from White & Faded in the UK a few years ago.

We have several Mora clocks around the house.The slight touch of creamy warmth found in this antique Mora clock is something we really liked, and it has been used throughout two spaces in the house. I brought the colors to

I don’t know how many people know this, but if you’re color matching, you can lighten or darken the colors in your custom colors to take it another step. If you have a different color, we typically first ask for samples of a 25% lighter and 25% darker variation of the original color. It seems like the most subtle tweak, but it makes a big difference in the end result and I’d like to explore all options. Because each room has a different cast and a different color representation, there is a custom color match of Mora clock painted on kitchen cabinets, library built-ins, window he trim, baseboards and faux beams.

These are the custom colors we came up with to bring this cozy color into your home:

Since custom colors are rarely the same as an already established color set, I would like to ask which two colors this custom color is close to in the system. Behr said the color is mostly very close to “Coliseum Marble”, with “Unmarked Trail” being his second closest.

Below are two colors that fall in between custom color matches from more popular paint brands.

Colosseum Marble PPU8-16
Unmarked Trail N330-3

Benjamin Moore
Penthouse CSP-35
Grant Beige HC-83

sherwin williams
Convenience Gray SW 7050
calming gray SW 6169

Farrow & Ball
Shaded White 201
skimming stone 241

coming storm 1008-2
Dusty Bunny 1000-1

Villa Gray 6005-1B
Secluded beach V146-1

Papyrus paper 50YY 65/071
White Sage 60YY 65/082

You can take that custom color code to your local paint store and test mixed samples at home. What other colors do we need to match in our home? If your favorite paint brand’s color match is not listed above, please let us know. We will help you find it. Stay tuned for the continuation of this series. Thank you very much for visiting my blog today.follow us every day Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest& tick tockCozy stay!

xx Liz Marie

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