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An Introduction to Using Color in Feng Shui – Part 1

by Contributing Author

Color is some of the most important elements in creating a holistic and nurturing space. the color of our space Not all colors produce the same effect. In Feng Shui, each color or family of colors also represents a particular emotion and area on the Bagua chart.

If you’re trying to balance your energy at home, office, or school, take a look at the color characteristics and think about which one best suits your needs.

green, teal, blues

shades of green, teal and blue wood elements and the new beginning area A symbol of the Feng Shui Bagua, it is associated with hope, new beginnings and growth. If you’re looking for a calming space or a space that supports physical or emotional healing, these colors are for you!

Green and blue evoke the energy of nature, are very refreshing (think bright colors), and promote rest (think bright, soft hues). To bring these colors into your space, try painting your walls in well-chosen shades. add green plants Alternatively, place a jade stone in the new beginning area of ​​your space.

purple and violet

Just as green and blue symbolize healing and growth in feng shui, purple is associated with wealth, abundance and often grace and royalty. It is a very auspicious color in Feng Shui and can be used to attract wealth and self-esteem.

As a combination of two very strong colors (passionate red and calming blue), purple has great potential to balance you and your space, bringing harmony and peace to both.

To bring purple into your home or office to promote abundance, use the right shade of purple or add amethyst crystals or purple flowers.

yellow, orange, brown

Shades of yellow, orange and brown represent the qualities of nature. Deep, earthy, pale, and neutral tones are generally calming and nourishing, while bright colors, especially shades of yellow, may be too stimulating for a relaxed setting.

If you’re thinking of adding these colors to your space, brighter, Don’t forget to save the more intense orange and yellow shades. water bagua).

Of course, there are many more colors on the color wheel, and the color that works best for you depends on your unique situation.108 ways to create a holistic space.”

Ange Cho

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