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Aesthetic and Practical Desk Accessories For Every Workspace

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With both the home study and the commercial team’s office recently completed, we’re thinking about workspaces. There’s nothing more exhilarating and refreshing than clearing a pile to make room for the desk accessories you actually use and love. This is exactly what we have all been doing. We asked everyone on the team to share their favorite things in or on their desks, and they did.

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The content we create is around the house, so I have time throughout the week to create content at home, connect with you, meet with contractors, and do DIY projects. But I also have a block of office space just down the street from my house that I use. It’s no big deal to rush there. I’ve found that taking small breaks in my day helps me stay productive.

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You may have noticed that our team has grown a bit in size, which is very exciting for us! They will give you the best recommendations.

Desk accessories for everyone

“I love having green things on my desk that take care of me and stay with me. I love to order here when looking for cute planters threshold. Philodendrons are a perfect addition to your desk and are a great beginner plant. “
– Missy (editorial manager)

“These are my favorite pens ever since I saw Ghostwriter as a kid. I take notes and make lists avidly, but I never switch pens. Proven and true.” is.”
– Victoria (Brand manager)

“A good-smelling candle is pretty much all I need to be with me at work. This scent doesn’t disappoint.”
– Brooke (Affiliate Marketing Manager)

“I have to shout out to my chiropractor for this suggestion. This stand is very affordable and has definitely made using my laptop all day more comfortable overall.”
– Becca (Good influencer manager)

“Most of my work is done in my den. This leather desk mat is a luxury I didn’t even think I needed.”
– Chris

“I edit videos and find audio to use almost every day, so it’s imperative to keep my AirPods close at all times, especially when working close to others and blocking out distractions. Yes, if there is a need.”
– Chloe (Excellent Influencer Social Media Manager)

“I love classic, high-quality notebooks.
– Brandon (Partnership Manager)

“I love the feeling of multitasking, and this 3-in-1 charger takes it to a new level. After lunch, I usually put down my phone and AirPods for an afternoon charge. , ready to go, I love how easy it is to carry around!”
– and me (Visual Media Manager)

“Who knew that every time you throw something in the trash can you get a little bit of dopamine? I keep this trash can in my den, but everyone on my team has their own trash can gold trash can Their desks are also very clean. ”
– Julia

“Let’s talk about productivity! Turn on the timer on this little cube (the timer sets whichever side is facing up) and you’ll be right at work. Start and end specific tasks. Having a clear time frame helps a lot.”
– Maggie (Affiliate Marketing Specialist)

“I always have a drink at my desk, so I love having coasters.
– Anna (Social Media Intern)

“A pretty bowl on top of a stack of books is not only beautiful but functional. Without a small plate to hold small items, your desk surface can quickly become cluttered. Hey, that’s me.” “
– Julia

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