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Adding Trim to the Hallway

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As part of the New Year New Room Challenge, I decided to finally complete a project I started over eight years ago: installing the remaining trim in the upstairs hallway. It’s like I started it, ran out of trim, and never went back to finish it. They don’t actually do that exact trim anymore! Sorry for the long wait, but I didn’t mean to tear up what was already installed. I found the trim close enough to fool my eyes, so I bought the $19 worth if trimmed and called it a day. That’s where I can kick myself. Years ago, I could have completed a chair rail for under $20, but procrastination got in the way (and kids and work and life). Now we can at least say it’s done! You can see a small video of the project in this post.

Corridor before makeover with rug and white door

After adding chair rails, I replaced both mirrors. So I ran into another problem with the mirror closest to the stairs.

wall with old mirror removed

The mirror I chose as a replacement is smaller (in width) than the original, and of course has trim around it.

New mirror with arches added to the wall

I had a feeling it was going to be a problem so I’m going to get creative with the solution to make it work. We’ve always needed a full length mirror and this was the perfect time to add this. Once both mirrors are hung and the trim is complete it already feels like a new space and looks so clean and fresh! I can’t wait to paint the door and add the mural above the chair rail trim.

Wall before adding chair rails

Even just comparing the two pictures, you can see how much difference just adding a little trim and painting the walls white can make a difference.

Wall with additional chair rails

One fun touch I added is a vintage brass light switch plate. Bought it a few years ago and have been waiting to use it. This was the perfect opportunity to add something unique. I love the etching designs and shapes.

vintage brass wall switch plate

I know it will go well with the mural I’m planning. Honestly, if I had known adding trim to the hallway would be this easy… I wish I had completed it sooner!

Hallway with trim and chair rails

Check out other creators who are reimagining spaces. It’s so much fun to see what everyone is up to and how talented they are!

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