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A Recap of May + Some Favorites From the Month

by Contributing Author

The month started with the launch of the highly anticipated Pottery Barn Kids collection. It felt very monumental. We hope you will join us in this collection. I’m so excited to include some selections from the collection in Faye’s room. We’ve shared her options for her three layouts for her room, but we’re actually considering her fourth, undisclosed option (stay tuned). This month, we celebrated her two-year milestone (time flies so fast) by renovating the house, and finally unveiled the exterior of the house. Also worth noting is the very important test that we have carried out on the Pebble ice maker. This is not to be missed. As a bonus, despite this caveat about high-gloss paints, the research is shinier than ever, and most importantly, completed. check it out.

Here are some memorable moments from this month.

best of may

After sharing how our living room evolved over the course of two years, we changed the furniture and decor. I can’t help myself.

costume source

Hi, North Carolina is not sure if it’s summer or spring, so I’m dressed partly for warm weather and partly for cool weather.

Fay chose wallpaper for her room, so we’re running with it.

who knew nine foot tree Can it make a big difference? Shop other fake trees here!

No kidding, this lip plumper works without any stinging pain.they also have Eyebrow & eyelash serum.

this is my new favorite training tankalready have 3 colors!

Here are more of our favorites from this month.

Shop May Favorites

See how I styled here.

i have this in gray red & Olive, I want more.

I may or may not have been inspired by this perfume’s Instagram ad, but believe me…it’s the perfect perfume for summer.

Over the weekend Chris and I hung some string lights in our backyard. Stay tuned for the full tutorial.

Just place this in your recently refreshed living room.

We are not kidding when we say that this lip plumper does not sting. It’s the best tingling feeling.they also have Eyebrow & eyelash serum

I use this to style my girls hair every morning and not only does it smell delicious, it has the perfect consistency.

Who would have thought you could have a blow dryer and curling iron in one? It took me about 12 minutes to dry and style my hair from wet to dry without damaging my hair.

Without a doubt, this is Chris’ favorite t-shirt, but he shared a complete list of his favorites here.

This coffee table is a new addition to our living room and we love the contrast between the light wood and black metal details.

My daughters wear this and love it. Sometimes I wear them with socks (laughs), and I support that.

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