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A Recap of June + Some Favorites From the Month

by Contributing Author

This month has been a busy month for our family. I made a short trip to Idaho to visit my father who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. In the meantime, I completed Fulmer’s nursery school. We also put the finishing touches on CLJ Studios. stuga flooring. The wallpaper in Faye’s room is new, answering the frequently asked question, “Does my bedroom need a closet?” Without a doubt, the highlight of the month was taking the girls on a Disney cruise!we had the best time and shared everything Click here for story highlights. Here are a few other highlights from this month.

Chris was hesitant to hop on the AirFlyer train, but this got a double thumbs up from him! Shop more colors here.

In case you’re wondering, Faye’s new armoire was everything I could have hoped for, especially in combination with the wallpaper she chose.

When the ordered curtains don’t arrive in time, be creative and tablecloth as a curtain.

Shop CLJ x PBK Line

June has had its ups and downs, but here are some of our favorites that have made life a little better.

I can’t say enough about this suit! I have two colors and wore them both on my cruise! Very comfortable. (I got the long torso version) – On sale – 30% off with code SALE30

On Sundays, I forget about my daily skin care routine and focus on skin care. I have been using this mask for years and my skin is incredibly soft and glowing.

My best friend Megan convinced me I needed a Kindle, and she was right. I took it on my cruise and kept it in my bag, it was so fun and easy, and so light to take it out to read a book (I read Happy Place and a chemistry lesson that week). I’m not much of a reader, nor was I. But this makes it very easy, so I’m addicted to it.

It’s a Chris-approved air fryer and looks lovely on the counter. A win is a win. For those of you who think it’s an easy oven to bake in, my kids love it too.

We look forward to completing Faye’s room in July. You won’t regret taking out her closet and using this lovely armoire.

I just ordered these oversized retro sunglasses. I can’t wait to play it by the pool during the summer.

This game will be your forever favorite! Great to pack with other games for a family vacation.

Not going to lie, I’m a little jealous that Kelsi could use this in the nursery, but it wasn’t there when the girls were babies.

I’ve worn this more than any other month this month. It’s surprisingly soft and stretchy, and the fit is just right. I got the medium. Buy this in every color! – Run, now 20% off.

Who would have thought that a tablecloth could turn into such a lovely curtain? postscript. I also bought one for myself to use as a regular tablecloth. The perfect addition to Freddy’s nursery.

I ordered this on my way home from a cruise, so if it doesn’t tell me what my hair is (frizzy), I don’t know. It was out of control. This works! ! Effective even after multiple washes. It’s the wettest time of the year here in North Carolina, and I’m keeping my hair down. If the humidity makes your hair super frizzy like me, get this!

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