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A One Day Makeover to Brighten Becca’s Dining Room

by Contributing Author

Last year I had so much fun redecorating Andy’s messy living room, Kirkland’s house When asked if we’d like another day makeover with their incredible new spring collection, we didn’t hesitate! Becca’s card was up. She just moved into a townhome last year and she wanted to refresh her dining room. She and her husband, Connor, have made a few cosmetic changes here and there, but wanted to give her a complete CLJ makeover package!The biggest design dilemma this space presents is the windows. It means that it is a room without Of course we didn’t bother with that!

Here’s how this went and all we did to lighten the mood!

1. Paint brightens a room



chandelier | | dining table | | dining chair | | captain chair | | black cabinet | | Sideboard | | olive tree | | rug

I can’t get past this! You can see where the dining room opens to the kitchen on the right, where there are no windows, and where we recently expanded the opening with a case!This photo was taken standing in her Becca living room And there are actually some windows.

Aside from that little bit of natural light, I knew that using the right paint colors in the right places would make a huge difference. Note that the upper walls are not painted at all. I only painted the trim, chair rails, and all wall spaces under the chair rails. It created contrast and made the whites look whiter while giving the room a three-dimensional and grounded feel. I used Benjamin Moore, Halfmoon Crest. She had previously painted white walls with Sherwin Williams West Highland White. Gray is the perfect soft bluish greenish gray. Depending on the time of day or when the lights are on, the tone changes subtly, and I like the paint colors that dance with the light.

Painting the room first really sets the tone for all the incredible Kirkland’s house A choice we made!

2. Lighting is important!



Go shopping in Becca’s dining room

swap out chandelier, hands down, made the biggest impact in this room. Thanks to diverse and high-quality lighting options, Kirkland’s house I have discovered that I need to provide This stunning gold and very modern fixture With the most beautiful glass balls. As you can see from the front, the room had very basic builder-grade lighting fixtures that were painfully drab.

mirror | | table lamp | | bowl | | Sideboard

My rule of thumb is that every room should have at least 3 light sources. grooved lamp I also discolored and hung this for use in a buffet mirrorhelps to reflect light around the room!

The easiest way to turn a room into a showstopper is to update the lighting! Kirkland’s house There are many great value options without compromising on quality. A little tip: Use proper bulb temperature and brightness for best results. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know to choose the right bulb.

3. Push the limits with scale and shape

Many people think that if the room is small, they want to make the furniture smaller. Pushing the boundaries with scale can make a room feel more spacious, cozy and inviting. I want people to feel like they can pull up a chair and feel at home.

Height with scale!I used this because the bottom third (ish) half of the room is painted tall storage cabinets Helps bridge the gap between the chair rail and crown.place the vase Harvested from Becca’s garden, these tall branches really lift and expand the room. Practical.

Introducing the points of the room! This room is full of right angles. Rectangular room. The entrance is square and the buffet and cabinets have square corners.of oval table, could be a leafless circle, but it really softens the central room where your eyes should land.Repeating shapes is always a good idea and we like it these unique chairs. i got you these wooden chairs Upholstered seat and rattan backrest Kirkland’s houseand they’re the perfect combination of materials and colors (plus they’re comfortable to sit on).

4. Keep Color Centered

we rolled this captain chair Add color and drama to your room. That’s right; it’s on casters and very practical. Because the trickiest part of the captain’s chair is getting it in and out of the scooter! Putting the color in the center makes the room feel wider and brighter.Always something new to surprise me every time I go Kirkland’s houseThey’re great at keeping up with design styles and ever-changing friends, and they manage to do just that with quality design and amazing value.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a CLJ room makeover without it. CLJ Rug! Without choosing a paint color yet, Joule Lagoon/Brick It’s so versatile in every room that it’s perfect for all the Kirkland choices we’ve made. Another great way to spread out a colorful rug to keep colors centered and walls neutral and bright. am.

5. Keep Art Neutral

I found that hanging more neutral art maximized the visual space by keeping the colors central to the room. These texture canvases from Kirkland’s house I love the way it sits on either side of the cabinet and adds interest to the white walls without creating too much contrast.

art | | vase | | glass dome | | pot

Hanging the art on both sides of the storage cabinet is a very traditional way of hanging this. contemporary art, but I love that balance! If I had very bold or busy art on the walls, the room would have felt smaller and too busy for its size. I’m here. Kirkland’s houseI love watching the peek-a-boo through the sliding glass doors.

Styling Tips:

Whenever I style a room, I like to place different creatures on different surfaces. buffet, tableand the cupboardI styled stems on the cabinets, hydrangeas on the table, and a basket of pears on the buffet.It really brings the room to life without feeling redundant and really complements all the stunning tableware we found Kirkland’s house.

I also love having plates and linens on the table for styling. Who wouldn’t want these ribbed dinnerware to be the star of their table? They’re so fresh, modern, and you won’t find fluted glassware this stunning at such an incredibly low price.

buy tableware

We had so much fun doing these one-day room makeovers as a team! Kirkland’s houseYou can get the look of your own home or choose from dozens of styles and design options on their website and in store. We provide an intimate experience to make it a place you want to live. This is his CLJ routine.

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