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A Modern Home Inspired by the English Countryside

by Contributing Author

Photos and designs: modern nest house

My heart instantly throbbed with today’s modern English country home. I recently started a ‘manifestation’ collection on Instagram and have so far found that the entire collection consists of photographs of quaint English cottages and lush quaint gardens. . And while this home is far grander than my (obviously) future plans, it’s just as amazing in every sense of the word.


From the exposed plate rack (I Said Inspiration is everywhere, right down to the deep green butler’s pantry.designed by modern nest housetake a peek into this home in all its beautiful glory.

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modern english country house

This is the nicest home tour I’ve come across in a while. I highly recommend going to the designer’s site and taking a peek at the photos that couldn’t be shared (unfortunately there were too many photos that had to be scaled down and that’s not an easy task. bottom).

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