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A Four-Month Puppy Update With Cricket!

by Contributing Author

It’s been over a month since I wowed the girls with cricket. As first-time puppy owners, we received a lot of advice from experienced puppy practitioners. Many warned that the puppy stage is more difficult than a newborn baby. This couldn’t be farther from our experience! Here’s how it went!

Cricket has the sweetest little attitude. She is crate trained. This is what we worked on at the Puppy Kindergarten she attended before we brought her home Charlie and Willow Crate She had no training so I didn’t know how it would turn out But with puppies it was very helpful. She sleeps there at night and takes long naps there during the day. It’s comfortable leaving her for an hour and a half to go out to her dinner!

Unfortunately, potty training is a work in progress. We’re keen to get her out 24 hours a day and she’s very good at going to #1 on demand, but she keeps it inside so she seems apprehensive about #2 🙄. The mess is getting less and less, but she’s still getting the hang of it.

One thing she learned at Puppy Kindergarten was press the little bell at the back door to warn us when she needs to dodge. In hindsight, I wish I had the same bell she uses on her first day. I think she lost her skills when she bought Bell, so now she’s working on retraining Bell.

All the tidying up aside, I can’t imagine life without cricket! The girls, like Chris and I, are completely obsessed with everything about her. There’s a lot of fun and laughter going on in our house, and it’s making our home feel happier.

One of the things we did for our last Bernese mountain dog, Willow, was farmer’s dog foodWillow was a healthier and more energetic dog when we made the switch, so we’ve been feeding Cricket fresh human dog food since day one at home! I am eating like

Now she’s a mini, so she won’t be a full Barneys size, but she’ll gain about 3 inches taller and about 12 pounds. She’s already about 18 and she’s doing well.

Another house training being done teaches her No Jump over and greet people. I actually think it’s the cutest. We know she’s a playful little puppy now, but we want to teach her not to jump around when visitors come over. I was told to put a leash on and stay with you while she did something at the house so she wouldn’t think she had free range for the whole house! Until you receive and are not looking for something to chew.

We had to roll up some of the rugs while they were completely transparent.She also marked her territory on the bonus room runner behind the couch. Forex (Carpet Cleaner’s Holy Grail) Cleaning up the accident, watching her and trying to teach her as much as I can. We actually got a lot of potty training tips from our Loyal Love Letter subscribers.

Potty training tips from our readers!

There is a wonderful book called “”. How to House Your Dog in 7 Days “Best $9.99 ever, according to Shirley Calstone. I swear by this book and have recommended it many times. Is working.

Hello! Congratulations on your puppy, she’s adorable. One of the things that helped me teach my dog ​​#2 outside was to transfer the actual accident from the inside to the outside and show where it goes – the outside. For some reason, clicking with my puppy stopped her from going inside. 😉 happy new year!

Not recommended This portable steam cleaner Enough! It’s a godsend for cleaning up puppy mess.

For #2 anxiety (which my brother’s dog has), taking him on short walks helped, and I always gave the puppy treats to get him outside #2.

Hi. We trained the dog by tying a small bell to a long ribbon tied to the back door handle. It’s like a bell that you push, but it’s not permanent. Every time our dog went out we helped her hit it and eventually she did it on her own. Make sure it is within range.

If its helpful then im happy.

Julia I have trained many puppies.go to amazon and buy puppy pad Then put it by the door. They are disposable and save you from mess. Roll them up and toss them. Good luck. Please believe me it will be fine.

Along with these helpful messages, I thought I’d share the cute doggy items we have and what I’m keeping my eye on!

A must have for cute puppies!

1. tennis ball $10
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3. double bowl feeder $159
Four. pet food storage canister $69
Five. dog brush $10
6. color walk kit $88
7. plush rope bone toy $6
8. hand stamp pet tag $25
9. crate $595

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Thank you for following our puppy’s journey!

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