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A Bold Color Forecast for 2023

by Contributing Author

I don’t put too much emphasis on design trend predictions or color predictions, but I thought Benjamin Moore’s ‘Color of the Year’ announced last week was a surprisingly bold choice. “according to, 2023 trends Raspberry Blush is the star of the show and is very colorful. We have to wonder if this is a rebellion against the grays and whites that have persisted over the years and the farmhouse style that is still popular today. I’m sure you got a lot of strong feedback on this palette because I think you’re either attracted to colors or you’re not.

Me conductBut these color suggestions aren’t just about choosing a new shade for your walls. As an example, I’ve put together a design that shows how you can incorporate these colors into a fun and sophisticated living room complete with furniture, fabrics, and art. I imagine (That is, you may not need to repaint everything to make it “trendy.”)

What are your thoughts on color predictions for 2023?

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