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A Beautiful Spring Appetizer Board

by Contributing Author

Host a spring gathering? This gorgeous board makes the perfect appetizer. Filled with fresh vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and whipped feta cheese.

Jack’s parents are coming over for Mother’s Day this weekend.After the hectic past few weeks, we launched A simple and delicious dish! My son Olly is two years old. I like to keep my cooking simple. A spring appetizer board like this is sure to pop up every weekend.

I love this type of platter. Because it looks gorgeous (check out the beautiful spring radishes!), has lots of contrasting textures and flavors, and is surprisingly easy to put together. Bonus: you can prepare all the components in advance. If you need appetizer ideas for this seasonal get-together, I highly recommend making them. Read on to see how I do it!

Boiled eggs, pickled carrots, whipped feta and baguette on a cutting board next to a colander of spring vegetables

appetizer board components

Whenever I make an appetizer board, I always start with: seasonal vegetables. Daikon radishes are my number one recommendation for spring, as they come in many vibrant colors and have a crunchy texture that is perfect for dipping. Boiled snap peas, asparagus and carrots are also great this time of year. Here, I’m using pickled carrotsAdds a bright pop of flavor to this fresh springboard.

I love serving creamy dips with these crunchy veggies. My whipped feta is one of my spring favorites. Its rich, zesty flavor pairs well with fresh garnishes such as herbs and lemon zest, which I love this time of year.

I like to include some starchy stuff in addition to the veggies for the dip. Sliced ​​baguettes are pictured, but crackers and crostini are also great options.

And finally, I love adding hard-boiled eggs since it’s spring! I think they make this platter look very festive.

Preliminary Tips: Make pickled carrots up to a week in advance (the longer you store them in the refrigerator, the more flavorful they will be). You can also cook hard-boiled eggs or make whipped feta three days in advance.

Hand dipping baguette in a bowl of whipped feta next to spring vegetables and boiled eggs


What’s really fun about the appetizer board? It’s completely customizable! Here are some ideas for changing this combination of ingredients.

Let us know what variations you’ve tried!

spring appetizer platter

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beautiful spring appetizer board

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

total time: 40 minutes

to service 8

A luxurious appetizer platter perfect for spring hospitality. Be sure to make the pickled carrots ahead of time. It takes at least 3 days to marinate in the refrigerator. If you prefer, you can make boiled eggs and whipped feta three days in advance.

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