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8 Organized Entryway Essentials

by Contributing Author

Create a practical, beautiful and orderly entryway for quick and easy entry and exit.

Coats hanging in an organized entryway closet

The entryway can be a cluttered place. It’s tempting to walk in the door and drop whatever you happen to have on the door to deal with “later.”

But a cluttered and unorganized entrance can be a big problem when you can’t find what you need when you walk out the door.

After years of researching, tweaking, decluttering, and tidying up my entryway, I’ve found a few key elements that will help make your entryway as tidy as possible.

Organized pantry with decanted baking items, pasta and spices

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8 entryway ideas to keep you sane

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Our current home has two “entrances”, a small area when you enter through the front door, and a mud room entrance from the garage. Everyone’s entry area is different, but we hope these tips and tricks will help you no matter what size entry you’re dealing with.

1. Add a storage piece for an organized entryway.

Depending on the size and layout of your entryway, your exact needs will vary from person to person, but most entryway spaces will benefit from the addition of storage furniture.

It’s pretty narrow just inside the front door, but I was able to find a narrow cabinet (resemble) was perfect.

A small, organized entryway with a narrow gray entryway cabinet

Half of the cabinet holds sunscreen, bug spray, and other items you might need when you’re out and about.

A well-organized entryway cabinet for sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, masks, and children's art supplies

My boys used to run upstairs all the time to grab crayons and markers from the playroom for their school projects. So I created a small portable art station in the other half of my entryway cabinet to save on travel.

2.Hooks make it easier to hang things in your entryway.

One of my biggest rules for keeping everyone in the house engaged in organization is that the easier it is for people to tidy up, the more likely they are to do so.

When it comes to hanging things, hooks tend to be easier for people than hangers. This helps with entry, as often hands are occupied when entering a house.

We installed hooks in the mudroom to make it more likely that boys would hang jackets and book bags instead of throwing them on the floor.

Organized mudroom with jackets on hooks

We usually hang the jackets that each boy wears most often each season on the hook.

3. Bring in a basket to organize your shoes.

When I first organized my entryway closet, I had a plan to neatly arrange my shoes on the shelves I set up for it.

An organized coat closet with shoes on low shelves

Whenever I made that plan, I forgot to take into account that there is a tween boy who seems to have never arranged anything neatly in his life! The situation was often as follows.

Messy shoes in the entryway closet

Clearly I needed a new system! basket without lid And now, instead of cluttering my closet, I kick my shoes into the basket and keep them neat.

basket for organized shoes

4. Make sure hats, gloves, and scarves are easy to put away.

Remember our rule to keep items as tidy as possible?

I originally stored my winter hats, gloves, and scarves on a high shelf in my entryway closet. !

Instead, I put some trash cans in my mudroom drawer. And now our winter accessories are within easy reach of everyone.

Organizing winter gloves, hats and scarves

If you don’t have a spare drawer that you can use for this purpose, you can also hang the organizer within reach behind your closet door or on the wall of your closet.

5. Use matching hangers.

Call me Type A But I think a closet would look much cleaner with all the hangers the same than with mismatched types and styles.

Coats on white wooden hangers in an organized entryway closet

i use Plain wood hanger In our front door closet they held up well for us.

6. Add a command center to your organized entryway.

One of the items that people tend to drop in the front door is paperwork. Whether it’s a child’s school papers or mail, we often don’t have a designated spot in our homes, so it’s easy to throw it on the nearest flat surface.

For this reason, having a command center with an in/out box system at the entrance will help you land your paperwork in order until you’re ready to process it.

When working with paperwork, I use an app called Evernote to store all my documents digitally. Learn more about our paperless process here.

A command center in a well-organized entrance

Some other useful elements that you can include in your command center are:

  • magnet board or cork board
  • clock
  • calendar
  • A whiteboard or chalkboard for family announcements and meal planning
  • basic office supplies

7. Attach the hook for the activity bag at child’s height.

When our kids were old enough to start playing sports and activities, our home felt completely overrun with gear!

Some of the larger gears – hello hockey equipment— relegated to the garage. However, small items such as boys’ swimming gear and jiu-jitsu equipment are organized in a tote bag. These bags were hung on hooks at the boys’ level so they could be easily grabbed and moved when it was time for practice.

The swim bag is a bit bulky so I hooked it up in my entryway closet and it worked.

Swim bag on hook in organized entry closet

The boy’s jiu-jitsu bag is small, so I was able to hook it onto a small hook on the magnetic board in the command center.

Tote bag for children's activities hanging in an organized entryway

8. Clean and tidy entryway.

This may not seem like an organizational tip, but I guarantee it is! When I like how our spaces look, I make them look like that. I’ve discovered that keeping in is more motivating!

This means I’m more likely to hang my coat or purse instead of throwing it on the floor. I’m more likely to handle the paperwork than just setting it up in the wild. And I’m more likely to put things back in place than to put them on the nearest flat surface.

A few things I did to make the front door look nicer was painting the inside of the door…

Organized mudroom aqua painted door

(The color is Sherwin Williams Rainwash.)

Replace your light fixtures…

Clean and organized entry before and after

(our pendant lights are similar these are.)

And add decorations…

Organized mudroom shelving

find something smaller Click here for door remodeling ideas!

Not only does it motivate you to keep your entryway tidy, but it’s also nice to have a cute space that welcomes you as you walk through the house! And when we enjoy our surroundings, there is definitely no better place than home!

Entryway Organisation: Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the most helpful trick for creating an organized entryway? Tell us in the comments!

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8 essential elements for a well-organized entryway

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