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7 Ways to Use Free Electrons to Stop Inflammation (rapidly and dramatically)

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A number of ways to harness the power of free electrons to dramatically and rapidly reduce “silent” or painful systemic inflammation of the body.

Inflammation is perhaps not one of the most common reasons for the prevalence of chronic disease today.

Therefore, protecting the body’s tissues from inflammation is paramount and a key reason for pursuing a healthy lifestyle and traditional diet in the first place.

The problem is that unless a person is sharply in tune with his or her body, an unnoticeable inflammatory problem is rarely noticed until a health crisis presents itself.

Perhaps the easiest way to minimize inflammation is to make regular use of free electrons to short-circuit inflammation anywhere in the body.

There are many ways to harness the power of free electrons to reduce inflammation, which we’ll discuss below.

But before that, let’s talk about why we need those free electrons in the first place.

Why the Body Needs Free Electrons

The basic science behind the need for free electrons is that the Earth’s surface contains a negative charge. This is in contrast to our bodies, which tend to accumulate excess positive charges.

Too many positive charges in our bodies can disrupt cellular function and lead to increased oxidative stress due to excess free radicals, a cascade of inflammatory responses.

By harnessing free electrons, the body can pair these excess positive charges with corresponding negative charges, instantly counteracting inflammatory effects.

It happens so fast that scientists can’t even measure it.

Neutralization of excess positive charge

The easiest and quickest way to neutralize excess positive charges in your body is to walk barefoot on clean, unsprayed ground. This direct contact with the earth is called earth or ground.

Below are thermographic pictures of inflammation in the human body before and after earthing.

Note how warm/hot colors indicative of inflammation fade noticeably to cool colors when short-term earthing occurs.

In essence, harnessing the power of free electrons rapidly promotes a more favorable internal environment within the body. In addition to reducing inflammation, benefits include improved mood and energy levels, deeper and more restful sleep, and reduced or eliminated pain.

On a personal note, a few months ago, I had a mysterious pain in my left foot. He had no injuries and no diagnosis of plantar fasciitis.

I spend most of my day grounded in my house and thought grounding might help. Therefore, I tried to walk barefoot outside for at least 10 minutes a day. Or I sat in a chair on the lawn and read a book with my bare feet on the ground.

Within a few days the pain was dramatically reduced and within a few weeks the pain was completely gone and never came back (I’m still earthing).

People with inflammation before and after earthing

The science of reducing inflammation with free electrons

The science of how free electrons quickly neutralize inflammation is best covered in documentaries. earthing movie. Watch for free here Courtesy of Solari Report. (1)

A great explanation of the science behind free electrons that reduce inflammation starts at 27:20, but I highly recommend reading the entire document from the beginning.

Various ways to utilize free electrons!

Walking on bare earth, aka “earthing,” is probably the easiest and most accessible way to inject a large dose of free electrons to block the inflammatory response in the body.

However, there are many other ways to access negatively charged free electrons to pair and neutralize excess positive charges in the body.

Here are all the methods I know of. My recommendation is to do as many things as often as possible.

Walking barefoot on the ground is the most basic and essential way to harness free electrons to reduce inflammation.

If you live in an area or climate where this is difficult, at least invest in leather-soled shoes. This will at least allow you to be grounded when walking around outdoors.

Shoes with rubber or synthetic soles can be very detrimental to your health if you don’t take time to ground them as an important measure.

swim in natural water

Swimming in clean natural waters such as rivers, springs, lakes, and oceans is a great way to ground and absorb free electrons in your body.

When you’re swimming, it’s not just your feet that touch the ground…it’s your entire body. Therefore, swimming in natural waters has the potential to enhance the benefits of free electrons.

My favorite pastime is swimming in the many natural cold springs here in Florida.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool will not have the same effect, as the chemicals in the pool are counterproductive to the process. This is true even if the pool is underground.

grounding in the house

If the house is one story and has direct contact with the foundation slab with no crawl space, it can actually be grounded inside the house.

However, only certain types of floor coverings are suitable for this purpose. Unsealed concrete, stone, unglazed tile, and 100% wool carpet are probably the best options. (2)

The enclosed wooden floor is not grounded despite being a natural material.

If you don’t live on the ground floor or have a home with a basement or crawl space underneath, you can compensate by using a ground sheet while you sleep at night.

Note that the anti-inflammatory effect of earthing is smaller than that of earthing. In other words, simply grounding will not give you as many free electrons as barefoot touching the earth directly.

So, while grounding in your home is great, it’s not a perfect replacement for grounding.

gardening without gloves

gardening without gloves (or leather gloves) I call this “reverse ground”.

We receive free electrons with our bare hands, not the soles of our feet.

If you absolutely have to wear gloves while gardening, be aware that “microfiber leather” is actually a type of synthetic leather.

hug the tree

“Hugging a tree” is a bit of a derogatory term in modern parlance, but it actually provides an easy way for each of us to absorb large amounts of electrons from different parts of our bodies at once.

So if you can’t swim in natural water or walk barefoot on the ground, consider “forest bathing” instead.

Trees produce a steady stream of voltage that can also be harnessed for electrical output. (3)

Make sure that the clothing on the parts of your body that come into contact with trees are made from 100% natural materials such as cotton, wool, or bamboo. It is recommended that you touch the wood with bare skin as much as possible.

touching or stroking animals

Have you ever wondered why petting an animal is so healing?

Do we receive a lot of free electrons into our bodies through our hands, which short-circuits the inflammatory process?

Especially if your pet is lying on the ground outdoors while you pet it. In this way, their bodies act as an electrical conduit to yours, an indirect way to ‘earth’.

hug other people

Just like hugging a tree or stroking an animal, just hugging a loved one is a source of free electrons that reduces inflammation.

Hugging on the beach while you’re grounded to each other is the most effective cuddle time, but even if you’re not grounded, you can still share free electrons with each other.

This is one reason why massage and other hands-on therapies are so beneficial.

In particular, if someone is sick, just by hugging them or simply holding their hands, your free electrons will be donated to their body and you can literally help them recover.

I’ve written before that when my children were babies and toddlers, I would hold them for as long as needed to keep them at ease, allowing my body to absorb heat and cool them down. Amazingly, this, again and again, helps relieve childhood fever very quickly.

I believe that my body donating free electrons to their free electrons is at least part of the reason this has been so therapeutic.


In summary, finding ways to harness the power of free electrons in the natural environment is essential for health.

Regular grounding by walking barefoot on the ground is probably the easiest and most effective method. (Four)

But there are many other ways to absorb free electrons to counteract excess positive charge in your body, and they can be as simple as stroking an animal or cuddling a loved one.

So before you spend a ton of money on alternative remedies or supplements that purport to reduce inflammation, try some of the above free-electron harvesting strategies that are scientifically proven to be inexpensive and highly effective.


(1) earthing movie

(2) Best floor material for indoor earth

(3) electricity harvested from trees

(Four) Earthing

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