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7 Vegan Recipes You Won’t Believe are Vegan

by Contributing Author

Or maybe you’re a vegan with omnivorous friends.

Why not trick your dinner guests into trying veganism?

“I’m tired of unfolding my diet to the moaning of plants.” Also?

Or maybe you’ve heard of a plant-based diet.

  1. environmentally friendly,
  2. improve gut health,
  3. Reduces the risk of certain diseases.

So now you want to try a vegan or vegetarian diet.

No matter which camp you belong to, I’ve put together this quick list of 7 vegan recipe ideas.

1. World’s Best Vegan Red Curry Chili

Chili is a meat-eater’s favorite dish, but this recipe is completely plant-based. In this one, he uses Beyond Meat veggie burger patties to cheat the texture a bit, but all the flavor comes from the chili spice and curry powder blend in this fusion his recipe. If you want more filling, you can add potato or mango slices to the chili and serve with flatbread on the side. You will!

Perfect for preparing vegan meals

Click here to get the full recipe.

2. Mediterranean Diet Tuscan Soup

mediterranean diet tuscan soup

The Mediterranean diet is my favourite, It was officially the best diet 2 years in a row. How can I do better? By making it plant-based! This is a hearty, hearty soup packed with flavor and nutrients to power your day. A perfect vegan soup to enjoy on your own or to dazzle your dinner guests.2 tablespoons The Fit Cookland Seasoning It brings all the flavors together, but the chopped basil makes this a great option for summer.

Click here to get the full recipe.

3. Best low-carb vegan street tacos

vegan taco walnut cauliflower meat

Vegan street tacos? You know! This recipe uses cauliflower and walnuts (trust me) to fake the meat. These tacos are packed with heat and nutrients to keep you feeling full long after you’ve finished your meal. You may have to. But the real bonus? You can taste the “meat” while mixing and adjust the spices to get it just right👌.

Click here to get the full recipe.

4. Slow-Cooker Vegan Bulgogi Tacos

slow cooker vegan korean bulgogi

Who said tacos are only on Tuesdays?? Run the taco train! I love inexpensive cooking pot recipes. It saves time and money because you can put the ingredients together and let them sit for hours. It is sure to fool anyone’s taste buds!

5. Dairy-free brown rice risotto Meal prep

Dairy-free risotto meal preparation.

I often hear people contemplating a plant-based diet worrying they’re missing out on their favorite comfort foods. Great as a side dish or as a meal on its own, this is one of my favorite vegan meal prep on fitmencook.com. trick? Nutritional yeast is used to give the risotto its characteristic creamy, cheesy consistency.

Click here to get the full recipe.

6. Vegan BBQ Pulled “Pork”

Once again, use jackfruit as a hearty meat supplement and fire up your slow cooker to achieve the consistency you’re looking for. Perfect for You can also serve the pulled “pork” in sandwiches or as is.

Click here to get the full recipe.

7. The easiest raw vegan cheesecake with berries

Just because you’re going plant-based doesn’t mean you have to give up all the good stuff. Case in point: This amazing vegan cheesecake that tastes as good as the real thing. is one of You won’t believe that you can make something this creamy without using any animal products.

Click here to get the full recipe.


If you’re looking to give some of your favorite foods a plant-based makeover, here are seven delicious vegan recipes you can try. Tag me on Instagram and let me know how they turned out!

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