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7 Inspiring Reasons Why You Need To Plan Everything You Do

by Contributing Author

Why should you have a plan in the first place? Planning is not a dirty word. In fact, planning can be very helpful in making life less stressful and more productive. So make a plan and make a plan that works for you and live a little more stress-free.

i am a planner

Lists and spreadsheets have always been important in my life.

…but did you know? I am a stress head too!

Having suffered from panic attacks and severe anxiety in the past, I try to avoid bringing stress into my life as much as possible (of course life has stress, but being more mindful helps!). .

Luckily, I’ve found that a little planning naturally lowers my stress levels, and a little less planning in my life raises my stress levels.

Having learned this the hard way, I now try to plan my life as best I can. Here’s how planning can help you in your daily life. Hope it helps you too.

Why should you plan?

Are you reluctant to make a plan because it feels constrained and demanding?

Planning is notoriously infamous because many people think this way, but the truth is that planning doesn’t have to be stifling.

This gives me a surprisingly clear overview of my life and helps me achieve more as well as achieve my life goals without wondering where the time has gone with each passing year. can do.

The real question is, why not plan?

So without further ado, here are the top 7 ways planning can help you and your stress levels.

7 ways planning can make life less stressful

#1 – Having a Plan Keeps You on Track

The actual thought processes required to plan, such as daily schedules, yearly goals, and life plans, will help you stay on track.

Need something done by a certain time?

Planning helps you know what to do and when. Having a plan just adds a little structure to your life and you know you’re on track without having to think about it all the time.

#2 – Planning helps you focus

Do you ever find yourself wanting to do something but just can’t find the time to do it?

Planning takes this feeling away by clarifying what you’re currently spending your time on, and highlights where you can change to spend your time doing other things.

It helps you see the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the minutiae of everyday life. As a result, you can focus on what matters most to you.

Focus makes it easier to say “no” to things and do more to get where you want to be.

#3 – Planning Reduces Arguments

If everyone had access to things like weekly schedules and holiday plans, there would naturally be less arguments in the house.

Everyone in the family can see where they are and what’s happening.

This alone prevents things like double-booking or overbooking that can easily happen when no one knows what everyone else is doing.

When everyone is moving in different directions with different plans and goals at different times, there will inevitably be arguments and fears that we can all avoid.

A little story for you:-

My husband and I both work shifts and often work away from home, so for many years we were only together on weekends.

This meant that weekends were a precious time and had to be tailored for spending time together, spending time with friends and family, housework, DIY, and more.

Planning for the upcoming weekend should be about balancing your time as much as possible, avoiding arguing about what you need to do, and doing as much as you can while still allowing yourself a little bit of time to relax and unwind. was very important to ensure that ready for next week.

Without a plan, you’ll be wasting time, feeling like you didn’t get what you wanted, and starting the week feeling less than ideally late.

Having a plan allowed us to wake up and get things done. Of course, planning your day to relax is sometimes just as important as getting the work done. However, only by planning was I able to make the most of it without feeling guilty.

#4 – Planning Creates a Balanced Life

Anything you want in life is possible if you can look at your time and plan more.

No time to go to the gym?

By changing a few things and setting aside 30 minutes, you might be able to run before work one day.

No time to cook from scratch?

Cooking from scratch on weekends Freeze for the next week.

You can only see these possibilities if you look at the time you have and how you spend it, and plan your time with more priorities.

Planning creates opportunities for more time that would otherwise be wasted.

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#5 – Planning helps break up large projects

When something difficult happens, it’s easy to put it off until later.

Whether it’s a room makeover, spring cleaning, or a mountain of paperwork, it can end up on your to-do list forever if you’re not careful.

However, by simply dividing these enormous tasks into small chunks (as project managers in companies do), we can fit these smaller tasks into the day when and where possible. increase. The end and the big job will be done.

Being able to see your progress makes it less stressful as you know you’re always on your way to the final product.

For example, when redecorating a room, you may need to:

  • New design plans – what will change, what will remain, color schemes, etc…
  • buying furniture
  • reserve a decorator
  • Empty the room and prepare to decorate
  • Styling the room after decorating
  • Remove things from your home that don’t return to your room


Doing it all at once can be a lot of work, but being able to tick off each task can help you declutter your room with minimal stress and confusion.

All it takes is a little planning ahead.

#6 – Planning helps solve problems

Having a plan allows you to see potential problems before they occur.

For example, do you have vacation plans? – Knowing your other plans will help you decide when to travel (my dad turns 70 this August, so I don’t plan on traveling on his birthday). That was important, knowing this in advance helped me pick the right week for my family) It’s a holiday so I can do everything and I don’t have to stress about forgetting anything ).

If you’re more aware of your plans and commitments, you’re less likely to double-book, forget things, and may be less stressed because you don’t have to cancel or change plans. is higher. it is perfect.

#7 – The plan is satisfying!

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning and find out what you have to do for the day and are ready?

It’s a much easier way to start the day than chasing tails.

Getting into the habit of writing everything down in a journal and checking it off the night before is key to living a less stressful life.

Having everything in one place reduces stress and makes life easier when life runs smoothly.

And nothing is more satisfying than being able to keep things on track all day long.

Funny enough, I add things I've already completed to my TO DO list. Just to erase it.

Tips – Write it all down and checkmark or highlight when you’re done so you get a sense of motivation and progress each day.

17 reasons why planning is important for a stress-free life

So the next time you wonder why you need to plan, remember that planning can help you in many ways.

  • stay on track and stay focused
  • Get rid of arguments and create a more balanced life
  • Make all your work more manageable
  • Eliminate potential problems before they arise

Making a plan will also reduce stress, so why don’t you take it in?

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