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7 Incredible Dark Green Paint Colors for Interiors

by Contributing Author

We recently painted our study a dark, moody green. This is after first painting it muddy green and then repainting it blue gray. I believe what they say is true. The third time is a charm! That said, the trip was worth it because I love this glossy green color as opposed to murals. Many years ago we painted our reading room a dark teal. That was my gateway. I’ve noticed a trend for dark green paint colors in interiors, and I think it’s also a paint color that has a classic life. In other words, it can be painted dark green and won’t age quickly. Here are some examples!

1. Benjamin Moore Topsoil

Topsoil is one of many dark green paints that we tested on swatches before committing. I love the true green tones and the dark, moody feel. I didn’t realize it until I got a sample of the topsoil painted cabinets, but it looks a lot like our kitchen island. Plymouth Green by Stoffer Home Cabinetry.

2. Sherwin Williams Jasper

In our Modern Cottage home, we painted Greta’s bathroom in Jasper. We actually painted them white first.

3. Ripe Olive/Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams

Image source: Kelsey Lee Design Company | | Photographer: Emily Hart

Designed by Kelsey This timeless kitchen Using a custom paint mix of 50/50 Ripe Olive and Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams. The result is this stunning green that I can’t get over.

4. Eden Green by Stoffer Home Cabinetry

design: jean stoffer design | | Photo: Stoffer photo interior

stoffer home cabinet does not sell paint colors, but the cabinets are too gorgeous to share.this eden green seems to be near plymouth green The cabinets we chose for our kitchen island are a little more eco-friendly.

5. Colonial Green by Benjamin Moore

Image source: renovation husband

again and again, Renovation Husband’s Victorian Parlor Stop me in my tracks The entire room is surrounded by this historical greenery, and somehow overflowing with vitality and stateliness. I love cuddling with the books there, but I suspect I’m wandering the room rather than the pages. very good.

6. Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green

design: Amber Lewis Interiors

Essex Green was the frontrunner for this study. very rich, amber looks like a million dollars.

7. Bear’s Alpine Trail

design: Sarah Fultz interior

I think this dressing room is incredibly sophisticated and smart. I love seeing the texture of the brick green paintwork as the dark green paint color floats beautifully in the light and shadow. wonderful.

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