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6 Feng Shui Tips To Restore Your Creativity And Magnetism!

by Contributing Author

Are you ready to step into the incredible mindset and energy and reclaim your creativity and charm? irresistible?

For the many weeks since Bob left this earth a few weeks ago, and until he became an angel, I have been unable to do anything but survive without a single focus on him. I repeat every moment a million times, but I appreciate every second. However, I had no idea how to create from this place that had experienced such great loss. My mind never came up with a way to make life happen again. As I felt and even heard Bob cheering me on in every cell of his body, I decided to turn my own magic back on… somehow.

After experiencing great challenges, losses, disappointments, and turmoil, it can feel unfamiliar to the free flow of abundance and joy. If you feel blocked in any way, this feeling may resonate with you as well.

You can still find the freedom to thrive again.

I never thought about my own vast energies, creativity and untapped self-expression, but I am learning to let them flow and get used to them. Part of that flow involves following your instincts rather than social programming of how you should think, feel and act. That includes rejecting self-induced stress and getting more rest. There is also a lot of love involved.

This feng shui practice is built on the foundation of connection. Connection is one aspect of love. Love for every moment of your day, love for yourself and love you have to share with the world.

Shifting the energies around me has allowed me to lean into this new chapter of my life that will lead me to eternal love and more purpose than I have ever felt before. And if you’re looking to reclaim your own creativity and magnetism, raise your magical methods to a higher octave, these Feng Shui changes and energy upgrades may seem unusual, but they can prove to be extraordinary.

higher levels of abundance

Look at the morning sun. Morning light resets your mood and readjusts your natural rhythms in harmony with nature. Morning light is also a color therapy, showering us with energy in the rainbow spectrum. Open your blinds and curtains to let light into your home, even on cloudy days.

Get rid of what doesn’t work for you. Organization is a universal tool for removing creative blockages and brightening up your life. It is an emotional, energetic and physical cleansing. There are even mystical benefits such as fresh ideas springing up, new opportunities springing up, and great prosperity awakened by clearing clutter from a space.

Access your intuition. It can be difficult to trust your instincts and listen to the infinite wisdom of your intuition when life is so far out of alignment for some reason. Journaling helps me put my inner guidance and instincts on paper each day.

Each day you can freely write a few pages in your diary without thinking or editing yourself. Once you’re in the flow of writing, ask questions you need advice on. For example, you might write down, “What can I do to make my job easier?” Now, without thinking or editing, let the answer run through your pen. Write everything down, even if you don’t understand it all. You can then revisit this intuitive advice and see how it can help spark breakthroughs.

Maintaining this confidence in yourself and your judgment is a superpower.

Break the routine and create a new flow. Take one step each day to change your current habits. Instead of dragging yourself into a gym class that you find boring, you might decide to go out and train every day. Maybe you’ll create a new morning routine. Or maybe start a new hobby. You may decide to watch TV instead of social media. There are no value judgments here on what you decide to do. The point is that it’s new, different, and fun.

update the system. A new organization creates a new flow for all of life. Redo file cabinets or remodel bookcases, pantries, and closets. You might want to try organizing your day in a new way with a new planner. Alternatively, you can do what I’m doing now and upgrade all the operating systems and apps on your digital devices.

Take creative risks every day. Doing new things to change the usual pattern of your day is a great way to change your circumstances and find new inspiration, but taking creative risks every day creates a confident momentum in your life.

Creative risks can be simple and exciting: Whether it’s dressing up in a new way, trying out a new hairstyle, taking a new class as a hobby, or joining a group you’re passionate about. They can be as bold as Start a new business, create a blog and start sharing your gift with the world, go back to school, or have that long-awaited important conversation.

I’m not advocating making big changes and transforming your life every day. But I urge you to make more use of your heart, soul, talents, gifts, unique perspectives, and genius in at least one powerful, personal way every day.

When you’re taking creative risks, you’ll know when you’re taking creative risks because you’ll feel a mixture of engagement, pride, and fulfillment in the process. And, of course, sometimes I feel a little bit of fear. Its shiny edge is worth exploring. It is a space where dreams spread.

I wish you days filled with dynamism, limitless possibilities, limitless love and great abundance.

XO XO! ! !


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