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6 Clever Lego Storage Ideas – Get Those Pieces Sorted!

by Contributing Author

The perfect Lego storage idea for your home. Ideas and inspiration for storing, sorting and organizing Lego in any room. Learn how to easily organize your LEGOs, where to store them, and how to use the instructions. That way, you can enjoy your collection and manage it at the same time. Perfect!

Lego is a great toy for all ages, with endless possibilities for what you can create. The only limit is your imagination.

But along with the fun comes the tricky aspect of how to properly store and organize your LEGO collection.

It can be very difficult as there are so many small parts involved and they can reach anywhere….

So let’s work on some ideas and discuss what’s best. Then you can use it in your home as an inspiration to get the right solution.

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4 things to consider when sorting LEGO bricks

#1 – How should it be stored?

Before you start organizing, ask your users how they want to store their items.

By color, by genre, by shape, by set, the list of possibilities is endless.

The system should work according to how the user thinks and wants to use it. Basically, it should be as easy to use as possible and clean up as easily as possible when you’re done using it.

#2 – How Much Lego Should You Store?

How and where you store your Lego depends on how much or how little you have.

Also consider if this is a complete collection or if it needs space to expand.

Thinking about this in advance can save you wasted money and effort later.

#3 – Do you need to move often?

Is storage on wheels, storage with handles, or smaller portable storage better for you because you need to move it often?

Your kids probably like to take it with them when they go on vacation, so being portable will help (at least in part) as well.

#4 – Who is using it?

Lego is a toy suitable for all ages, so it makes sense to think carefully about who will be using the storage you put in and make sure it’s appropriate.

For example, is it easy to access or easy to put away?

It doesn’t make sense to build an organizational system that doesn’t work on a practical level, no matter how nice it looks.

Stack and mix different types of Lego

Once you know the answers to these questions, consider the following ideas and choose the one (or two!) that best fits your needs.

I have gathered for you a wide range of the best Lego storage ideas from around the web. We hope these help you stay organized.

best lego storage ideas

#1 – Large playmat to collect them all

i love the idea of These lego mats/bagsBecause it gives you an easy way to quickly put everything together when you’re done playing and gives you a dedicated space when playing with Lego.

You can easily see all the Lego by opening it, and when you’re done using it, just pull the string and it becomes a special bag where you can store your Lego.

This is great for small children who don’t mind putting everything in one group and can easily be taken to other places.

#2 – A big storage bin that holds everything

Sometimes simplicity pays off! Especially when it comes to Lego storage.

have For those who don’t mind looking around for what they want, a large storage bin or plastic trash can might be the best solution.

Additional Tips – If you need to move it often (or don’t want to scrub your floors!), or if it’s small enough to fit under your bed for easy storage, consider purchasing a LEGO storage box on wheels. . good?

Another idea is to use Lego-shaped storage box / Lego storage heads are also possible! – Available in a variety of colors and sizes, and can be assembled using the storage box itself. Great for kids and also makes a great display in a playroom or bedroom.

#3 – Individual plastic bag/box for each color/type

zip lock bag Or plastic boxes are an ideal storage idea for small Lego sets, all easily stored in drawers, large boxes and cupboards.

Tips: ideally Appears as see-through/transparent That way it’s easier to keep track of what’s where.

Lego in a drawer, color coded

#4 – In Play Table/Tray

It’s always a good idea to have an easily accessible place to play with Lego. You can even create tables and trays with storage spaces to keep everything in one place.

This is easy to do with a storage coffee table, play table drawer or shelf under the table top that can hold pull-out containers.

You can go one step further by adding lego baseplate Turn it into a play table and create your own Lego table. This works fine. For extra points (because you can take it with you and put it away when you don’t need it), you can also add a few to the large tray.

#5 – Display completed legos on shelves

Lego pieces aren’t the only things you need to store. In many cases, there is a finished product that you want to display for a while, such as a Lego minifigure.

These Lego creations can easily be displayed on a small shelf (or you can get a specific minifigure display case). Therefore, you can easily replace and play.

#6 – Great Travel Ideas for Lego Storage

this works very well To keep little ones occupied when out and about! Although it is a carry case that can store Lego inside, lego base You can also stick it on the top when playing. Very original!

Another way to do this is to simply cut a portion of lego baseplate Adjust the size and put it inside plastic storage container There are some legos inside. Voila!

Tips – As you can see, the main thing to keep in mind when playing with a Lego set is having the Lego at hand and having a sturdy base to play on. What’s where depends on available space and preferences.

A combination of different types of Lego color-coded

More LEGO storage inspiration…

I also wanted to add some Lego storage containers that I found online and love Lego storage ideas. As an additional idea that you can refer to when choosing what is right for you.

Some are similar to those mentioned above, but there are also some surprises. Simply click on an item to view the item details.

Note – Clicking on the items below will take you to the store where you can check the details and purchase for your convenience. The link is an affiliate link. So when you buy, I get a small commission. Of course, it doesn’t cost anything..

Lego pieces with overlapping words "Amazing Lego storage ideas you should try

And that’s it – the best Lego storage ideas we’ve gathered from around the web to inspire you.

There are lots of ideas you can use at home, such as how to store it, how to set up the playground, what to do with the instructions, and so on.

So which storage solution do you use? Can’t wait to hear about it…

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