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5 Tips to Keep Fresh Flowers Happy – The Best Vases & Floral Accessories

by Contributing Author

You already know that I bring a lot of joy and happiness to my home during the most depressing time of the year. This year we’ve been hit with a record low insolation, which is knowingly (and unknowingly) taking a toll on all of us on the farm. Part of the auxiliary sunshine is ordering flowers online and having them delivered to your home on a regular basis. The anticipation and excitement every time a box is placed on the doorstep (even if it’s from me) brightens not only my day, but Jose and Copey’s. I get quite a few DMs asking me how to take care of my flowers. to your home as much as possible.You can see the bouquets I made this year on my website. Instagram [HERE] & See where you’ve bought flowers from before.

1- Start with clean water in a clean vase, water often.

2. Cut off all the stems and keep cutting after a few days to keep them fresh.

3. Add bleach, vodka, or aspirin to the vase for different flower needs.

4. Feed the flowers with DIY or commercial flower food.

5. Place the vase in indirect light in a cool area of ​​your home.

Looking for cute vases for your bouquets and florals this year? I found some for you…

I have put together some beautiful vases, flower tools, flower food, books about flowers, etc. “Flower board” [HERE] Includes all the vases above and many more. We hope this helps you customize your vase even more!!

Here are some tips for enjoying fresh flowers and greenery on the farm. If you’re feeling a little down, even if you’re not battling seasonal depression, consider adding flowers to your space that you can order online for delivery from your local farmer’s market, flower shop, or like us. Thank you very much for reading my blog today and every day. For those of us here on the farm, it really means the world.follow us every day Facebook, Instagram, tick tock& PinterestCozy as usual!

xx Liz Marie

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