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5 Tips To Get Lucky with Feng Shui Dragon (Best Placement)

by Contributing Author

Feng Shui Dragon Correct placement of good luck

1. Great place to display feng shui dragon The symbol can be found in your office, workspace, or living room at home.

2. Avoid placing it in the bedroom as the masculine/yang energy is very important and can affect sleep quality. Instead, if you’re looking for romantic luck and want to place a dragon in your bedroom, it’s best paired with a phoenix.

3. Respect the dragon and do not place it in low energy places such as toilets, bathrooms and closets.

5. Don’t put the dragon’s head against walls or obstacles. Instead, you should face an open space or view that symbolizes an unblocked future and many opportunities.

6. To maximize the power of Feng Shui Dragons, especially wood carved dragons, place them in the eastern sector. But don’t use Metal Dragon in Touhou.

7. You can also use the Kua number to position based on your feng shui lucky direction so that the feng shui dragon faces one of your preferred directions.

8. Place in the sector where the annual Feng Shui Flying Wealth Star #8 flew in the current year.

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