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5 Tips for Styling Bookshelves

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Adding bookshelves to my den came out of my need for office-like storage, but let’s be honest, I’ve dreamed of styling my bookshelves with embellishments ever since I started planning. With the completion of research, we held a shelf styling party. Since he’s one of the frequently asked questions, I’d like to share his five tips for styling your bookshelf.

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1. Let the shelf breathe

Just as important as what you put on your shelves is what you leave out. An overcrowded shelf can feel cluttered and heavy, so give the things on the shelf a breathing space. Having negative space between and over objects makes everything look intentional yet relaxed. Our shelves are height adjustable and are evenly spaced for now, but if you want to display larger objects, vases, or greenery, you’ll have to play around with adjusting the height.

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You will also notice that I use bookends Instead of filling the entire shelf with books from left to right. I think this can be done, but sometimes it feels like overkill.

2. Stack books vertically and horizontally

When it comes to books, try to change the way you present them. Books are basically made up of repeating lines and shapes, and a bookshelf full of vertical books can feel overcrowded, redundant, and boring. Instead, change the way you stack. I like to have vertical and horizontal groups and I think it keeps things dynamic.

Coffee table books are great for horizontal stacking as they take up a lot of vertical space. They can also be combined by stacking other objects on top.

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3. Change the size, shape, etc.

Bookshelves aren’t just for books. There are also avid readers out there who use shelves to display all their “trophies.” I think this is great, but the range of “trophies” I want to exhibit is different. Fixtures, art, sculptures, sentimental works, etc. , books too! Varying the size, shape, texture, color, etc. of the objects makes the shelf visually more interesting and balanced.

Pro Tip: Boxes and trays can also be used as functional decorations. I like to use it to store handwritten cards and keepsakes.

4. Display items by grouping

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Groups are your friends. Don’t display all your small items in solitude. If the object is big enough to stand on its own, that’s fine, but for smaller pieces you’ll need a friend or a few people. With grouping, the human eye perceives one group as her one item instead of treating the various objects individually. For example, in the image above, he has two groups per shelf, which is very simplistic and pleasing to the eye. We try to avoid busyness and achieve cohesion.

5. It’s all about balance

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Above all, it is important that the bookshelf is balanced. These shelves are narrow and tall, so on each shelf he placed only two groups (except for the top). I wanted to respect the symmetry of the room and his two bookshelves on either side of the opening, but I think three or more bookshelves would have been too crowded. Always do a diagonal check when styling a bookshelf. For example, a vertical stack of vintage books has a horizontal stack of storage boxes at the opposite corner. And diagonally across them are rows of stacked books with canisters on top. Your eyes love to connect the dots, so give them a place to move.

More important than these tips, don’t be afraid to experiment and tweak. I love shopping from home for the decorations I already have, but if you’re looking to add a few more decorations to your bookshelf, here’s a roundup of some goodies to help you get started. Please look.

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