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5 Things Feng Shui Experts Say Never to Do if You Have a Small Bedroom

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Big things may come in small packages, but bringing Feng Shui into a small, tiny space can feel like a huge undertaking. , the vibrational energies of the elements, the cosmological influence of time, etc., to harmonize life with the geophysical energies within the environment.

Ancient Chinese customs go back so far. thousand I’m old. According to Yap Hwee Boon, he is well known as a master of traditional Chinese feng shui. master boon, the concept of which dates back to 5000 BC. A scene from decades ago.

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Feng Shui can be a powerful tool for balancing space and making your home more comfortable. Boone says the strategic placement of that one plant isn’t all that important, teeth Bedrooms are no exception. “[The bedroom is] It’s the only place I spend most of my time sleeping in one place,” she explains. “Whatever energy impacts our bedroom has a significant impact on our well-being.”

So how do you give a small bedroom the right vibe?I mean, what should not do What if you want to achieve extraordinary chi, or energy, in your personal space? I asked them to share the kika.

Bright and bold colors.

I love pop pigments as much as the next design enthusiast, but it’s not the best choice for your bedroom. Christina Hollinger stock. “You want to feel good in your space. When you feel good, you’re a magnet that attracts what you want.” Earth tones can help calm you down and promote rest, she says. Her top picks include soft shades like beige and dusty pink.

Writer, Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner Alejandra Brady Note that earth colors should be paired with tactile textures and hints of lavender spray. It’s one of those great energies,” she says.

Since remote work has become the norm, many of us are completing the 9-5 grind at home. But the bedroom? According to Brady, it’s difficult from a feng shui standpoint.

“We want to be able to ‘turn it off’ at night, but having a room full of electronics and items that remind us of work or exercise can make it difficult to get the rest we need.” I have.

Moving an office to another room can be difficult when real estate is already at a premium. Instead, Brady recommends adding a partition to separate private and work rooms.

Stuff the bed into a small nook.

Don’t worry. Even knowledgeable professionals have failed once in a day. Until his twenties, Hollinger pushed his bed tightly against the wall to maximize the limited footprint of his bedroom. Little did she know, one of her greatest principles of feng shui is to place the bed in a command position. In other words, it must be accessible from both sides.

“Pushing your bed against the wall can disrupt the flow of your chi, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. It can also affect your relationships,” says Hollinger. “A partner who sleeps against a wall can feel trapped or unsupported in a relationship. A bed in the command position supports your personal energy and relationships! “

Sure, no one hope Bring bad energy into your bedroom. However, you may be making a big mistake without realizing it.Simple adjustments like putting a mirror in front of your bed or sleeping under a beamed ceiling can create harmful energy. big Not in my private room. )

“Real feng shui requires careful calculation of bedroom energy,” says Boone. “[You] Your bedroom should have positive feng shui energies that support you in a positive way. ”

So how can you tell if your accent carries that bad energy? A good place to start is by judging. If you’re nervous about the angled nightstand scratching you or the art hanging over your bed bumping your head, it’s in your best interest to say goodbye to those touches.

Tuck things under the bed.

When you have a lot of stuff and little storage space, it’s tempting to throw everything under your bed and call it a day. You can’t see it, it’s out of your head, right? Well, not necessarily in the world of feng shui. “If possible, make your bed the main item in your bedroom and keep nothing under it to allow energy to circulate at night,” recommends Brady.

Store items that are no longer useful.

Speaking of your stuff, Brady says clutter is no big deal in the world of Feng Shui. It’s a lamp,” she says. Organization is a small bedroom’s best friend because it helps pave the way for good vibes. “Expired personal products and medicines, items from exes, dirty or torn sheets, trash cans, books with violent titles or content bring anger and intense energy to the space,” she explained. increase.

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