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5 Feng Shui Ways To Feel Cozy At Home

by Contributing Author

Your comfort level reflects how calm, secure, calm, and at ease you feel. After all, your home is your sanctuary, and without the feeling of being “at home” in your home, you will never be rested, relaxed, receptive and joyful. Best of all, it’s so easy to bring more fun energy into your space and make you feel right at home!

1. Stay organized. First and foremost. Nothing beats organization to create a clean slate of fresh energy in your home and life. Clearing clutter can reduce stress, improve your mood, and help you feel more rooted in the present moment.

2. Try more hyggeHygge is the Danish art of well-being, filled with pleasant joy. There are so many easy ways to add hygge to your lifestyle, and they’re all incredibly rewarding. , is a magic that lifts your spirits.

3. Adjust the noise level. If you’re blasting music, keep it quiet. Add a rug to the reverberant room. Try thick curtains to drown out some of the city noise. You can even get a white noise machine to help you sleep deeper.

4. Adjust the colors so that you can rest. Calming colors are great for relaxation rooms. What is your best calming color? This is completely personal. For some people, deep colors are hypnotic and enchanting.For others, it’s earth tones. My living room is downshifting to shades of beige with very intentional yet very understated color additions to the new art I’m creating.

5. Surround yourself with joy. Whether it’s games, books, tarot cards, great podcasts, great meals in the kitchen, and most importantly, great people, this added joy is magnetically attracted to your home in the most powerful way. will help the

This is all fairly straightforward, but the results can be huge. Your home is a reflection of you. Indulging in the joys of home leads to unstoppable power.

Super comfortable days are here!

XO XO! ! !


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