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5 Exterior Paint Colors that Pair With Red Brick

by Contributing Author

We’ve made some improvements to the overall curb appeal of the exterior. So, understandably, I’m seeing bright white trim more and more and wondering if it could be done better. Timeless, I think. We don’t want to paint bricks, but may I enjoy updating the white trim and window sashes. So… we asked her talented sister Andy to “try on” her paint colors on exteriors that go well with red brick.

In my 2023 project list, I talked about the possibility of replacing all the windows this year, and I think it’s a success. It takes a long time to get windows made to order, but we are on the road. The good news is that we had several experts look at our windows and were told that we could save tens of thousands of dollars simply by replacing the sash (window section and grid) rather than the entire window. When I explored the window options, there were a variety of colors to choose from, so I thought I’d go down that road and explore.

One of the most useful things you can do before deciding on a paint color is to try it on digitally. There are probably some paint apps that let you do this, but Andy usually just opens up Lightroom and tweaks the colors. I have a great tutorial. It’s about figuring out what color you want your trim to be, and trying to color match it with your paint deck. First, I swapped the bright white for a soft ivory.

soft ivory

I think this ivory is very classical and warm. White is a little more contrasty when you start comparing it to other trim options.

Blue gray

The next option I like is on the cooler side. I’m a big fan of the blue-grey paint and think it complements the red brick beautifully.

slate blue

Or you can go with a darker slate blue, which I really like! chris loves juliaMy fear is that someone will reveal all my secrets before they even get inside ;).


Taupe paint colors were considered obsolete for a while, but we’re here to tell you that they’re making a comeback, and for good reason. Obviously, I think this pairs very well with the grout color and has proven to be timeless. My only hesitation was when I first painted my outdoor kitchen taupe. Remember that? There was a certain time of day when I absolutely hated it, and I fear this will be the same case.


A darker mushroom for the taupe color might be a good move. I can totally see myself going with this option!

The great news is that only the sash will need to be replaced and the trim will be painted to match. This can save you a lot of money. Inside the house it was written that the sash must be white, wood or black. I’m torn between wood and black, but I’m leaning towards black. Let’s see!

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