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5 Cozy Cottage Wallpaper Scroll Stoppers

by Contributing Author

Welcome to the first scrollstopper post of 2023!! Scrollstopper is a weekly post here at lizmarieblog.com. We’ve rounded up some of the inspiring posts that made you stop scrolling that week, and hopefully bring you a lot of inspiration you might not have seen on your scrolls, and share some amazing creatives with you. Follow us to make your scroll more inspiring and more beautiful. This week’s scroll stopper is a cozy cottage wallpaper. I think there are some creatives that you not only find inspiration, but also want to follow immediately…

A sneak peek into this gorgeous kitchen Love Sarah Schneider A scroll stopper like no other. It’s all about the combination of moody lighting and moody floral papers. Can’t wait to see more of her kitchen!!

Cozy nook light made even more cozy by that beautiful intricate paper rangas_etc. Wow! Cozy cottage style that will make you drool forever! Must follow!

i don’t know what i like here becca interior paper or bed? Take both! I love all the patterns in this space, but my favorite is the wallpaper with the beautiful pattern!

I don’t know if I’ve seen a more cozy cottage corner than this. maybe it’s a duck? Or maybe a nostalgic piano or vintage cottage wallpaper. I think that’s all there is to it, but thanks to that paper, I feel very happy at home.you have to follow harmony cake For a more comfortable scroll stopper like this!

Drama! !i love this scroll stopper Benisonny Because it gives us all proof that the entire main room can be made cozy with patterned paper. Follow this account and add beautiful patterns to your scrolls!

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